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  1. Funny. Again a lot of features. But again you doin it wrong. Many new features in sneak peak just few days after last Aurora update. We need again to wait 2 years to get it?
  2. Hope next sneak peak will be a week before the release. A more than half year of passionate visit the site in the hope the next beta release is already little tiring... Hopefully until you release 1.0 version of Aurora all xbox 360 on the world wont be with RROD. Sent from future.
  3. I am working in console service in Poland and a few times tested Aurora and I follow this development from the beginning. Missing a few functions to replace fsd. Many of my customers come to fix console as we all know how. Many of customers are prisoners which have no access to internet. Even those who actively use it do not connect internet to console. This raises the question: There will be offline version of Aurora? Going forward... You plan to add some new functionality in the future to Aurora which all are awaiting? For example web browser, ntfs support, iso support. You do some steps in this direction as a reverse engineering employment or plan to be only a graphic overlay with filters for the file manager like now?
  4. Even use the aurora as an independent dashboard forces us sometimes to launch fsd. XEXMenu do not support Corona 4GB Internel Memory Unit.
  5. +1 Same here. No File Manager, no DVD Manager. Without laptop/pc/connection Aurora is still useless. Do not compare bullsh1t like weather plugin to this two important options. Lets see a example situation: 2 persons, 2 of them have console with rgh, 1 of them have pc, 1 not and no internet connection. This one with pc gave some games on usb stick to next guy. No way to copy it. Same with dvd for now. For now Aurora have more restrictions than functions. Now we need other applications or application of competition to do some things. But that does not mean that the Aurora project is bad. Keep doing good work. Give us file manager with checkbox selection to each file/folder and you have a double win.
  6. There will be possibility to add custom plugins? Some plugin management on/off/update? There are plans to support people who want to help you improve your project? Project will be open? Or closed visual sh1t like FSD where you can only change tons of skins and cover views? Why askin? For example you bring us later some new plugins like file manager or emulation manager or profile manager which some ppl do not like, let them make own one and put it to your dashboard. SDK would be great. It would be a step forward on xbox360 scene which is lame now compared to ps3.
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