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  1. Really great to have the rgh youtube without downloading the game first to see so traile this type of link youtube TV
  2. This is my opinion! For me it's a waste of time to have this option,the person already downloaded the game hypothetically speaking the person to see the trailer and do not like for example she will want to delete the game, exact but what about the time it took to download the game "too long?" therefore she could have used the same computer she downloaded the game to see traile on youtube that would take less time wasted saw in some forum people asking TV online for RGH But and TV q he is using to use your console does not have channels? things I think unnecessary would be good if you had one of these for RGH online youtube I want to remember it is only my opinion A great job but want the full version when you exit Thanks team
  3. ta be missing an option to switch profile, But she is very good load super fast good would organize the shelves Games xbox 360, Games Arcade, Games xbox classic, Homebrew and have option to change the background photo too Just my opinion ta perfect this work Very good work Thanks
  4. problem to save the list of games when I restart the list no appears beginning
  5. I was wondering if there will be an update the future will have the clock and date displays the beginning and disk size other good thing. thank
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