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  1. Ty BTW, Through Xell i was able to run videos from XMplayer but i got a another issue that my movie lag through xmplayer when i run 1080p movie it kind of lag but when i run the same movie on my xbox 360 player it work f9 but i cant get the subtitles on Plzz help me
  2. I got a Jtag Xbox 360. When i launch XMplayer from DashLaunch it runs fine when i select any movie it stuck and i have to restart my console. I got DashLaunch XMplayer on my usb because i don't have HD and my Xbox 360 doesn't have space. And one more thing when i connect my 1 TB NTFS HD it just stuck on loading screen. Plzz Help me Ty
  3. Can i zoom out Kinect camera? Is there any option in FSD or any program for Jtag Xbox 360?
  4. Hey some people use fakelive to play some game which need live confirmation. Is there a way to use it with IE? Plzz I seriously need that and i know how to install IE without live I read it on http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3250-fake-live/
  5. SaD i want a Web Browser By The way To Browse web on a Big Screen. So they aren't anyone who can create one For FSD? I like the idea RMS Freshman I like this idea
  6. Is there a browser for xbox 360 Jtag??? I have Tried the WMC one it is not good You need to connect your computer first But i want any Software like XMplayer FF play??? Or Some one plzzz cr8 The Browser for Xbox 360 or can i use IE withOut XBLA?
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