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  1. How to migrate from FSD to Aurora? or just launch it as new dash?
  2. Now all work great. As usual. I think they fixed.
  3. It's functioning like normal now! Linked jqe360 account and LiNK work. TU update work fine. All work as usual.
  4. Same here. I discovered it when i can't update my game TU. Sound like have to wait update release fix?
  5. Glad Im not alone. I also can't update my game's TU too... anyone face that? Can't connect my Xbox with JQE360 too with message "Failed to connect to server, check your username and password". Not yet try LiNK. And on new site i can login with my current JQE360 account, and I discover there is "API KEY". What that for and where should I input that key in my Xbox360? Im newbie with my box just RGH moded. glad i did that and its more control on my console!
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