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  1. If u make an acct @ UNITY.net ??? Then add the Info to your Aurora Dash. You can choose any cover you want...
  2. Is there any chance that you are going to add these requested covers??? I
  3. Hello. I am looking to see if u can add a few Covers in Unity? Name: Destroy All Humans Type :Original Xbox ID : 54510026 Name :Gears of War ( Bonus Disc) Type : Xbox 360 ID: 4D53087B Both of them are US versions... Any Cover would do as of now, there are no covers for these... Thanks... Ronhale70
  4. Thank You... That did It... Now I have a Gears of War Slide Show on my RGH'd GoW Console... AWESOME!!!
  5. I love it... I Downloaded some pic's , converted them and also renamed them. I put them in the "Backgrounds" folder with my other Background pic's... But where do I put the "backgroundsildeshow.xzp" file??? I thinkk I put it in the wrong place becuse it isn't doing the slide show... Also do I have to delete the other Background pic's that are in the folder???
  6. I just found this on youtube. Is it Compatable with FSD3 rev775 ??? I tried it but it just gives me a Blank Screen. If I have the wrong file? Could someone post a link to the correct one ??? Please Help ??? Thanks....
  7. Hey, Good luck with the RGH, I Love mine. The is alot on Youtube. Specifically on the "xXModdedWarefareXx" Channel... He as a section that is just Tutorials for RGH 360's... Enjoy...
  8. Is this still for sale??? if so PM me...
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