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  1. Thanks. Finally got it to work. You've been a real help!
  2. Well, I downloaded a new version of the game, but for some reason it is a demo version. Is there a way to make a game not a demo?
  3. And what should I do if there's only one media ID of the title update out. It doesn't seem that it's being updated, since it came out almost a month ago.
  4. So, basically I know that a new title update has come out for Terraria. I believe it was released at the end of May. It's an important update because it's a bug fix update right after a major version. Currently I have the major version, that hasn't been bug fixed and when I try to update Terraria on my FSD 3, it doesn't show the newest update, even though it's almost been a month since its release. What i want to know is: does this problem occur only to me. I know the update is in the JQ360.com site, but when I downloaded it and put it in my game folder manually, it recognised only the previous version, eventhough I removed that one from the folder. Then, when I deleted the newest one, because it seemed that it did nothing, and try to play, my character save file got corrupted and I lost it. Anyway, weird shit going on, just wanted to see if anyone can suggest anything. Thanks for the read.
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