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Found 2 results

  1. First off, sorry if this doesn't belong here. Back in 2015 I bought a modded 360 because of a crazy cheap price. Played some of the burned games the seller included for a couple months, then left the console to collect dust until a couple weeks ago when I got my non-gamer gf into Minecraft (which was on the HDD). She loved the gameplay but wanted something with more content, so I figured Terraria was the way to go. So, I bumbled through getting the full game onto a USB drive (with a $systemupdate and $titleupdate folder) and copied it to the HDD, but I can only play the tutorial. I figured I'd consult you fine folks to get it fully working. I started phone phreaking in the 80s, progressed to PC hacking in the 90s, and mobile devices naturally came next in the 00s. I'm a total newb when it comes to console hacking though and I don't even know what I have going on in my 360. Yes, I could read tutorials and start from scratch... but I'm interested in getting Terraria (specifically) up and running ASAP and then building a more comprehensive understanding of console modding afterward. Hopefully some of you are willing to give some step-by-step instructions. Bonus points if they contain noob-friendly explanations that provide an initial foundation of knowledge I can build from as I go forth learning console modding. From some cursory Googling I understand that I may need an Xbox Live workaround but don't know if I already have one and it's something else or what. Thanks in advance for your patience and insights; after browsing this forum you lot seem friendlier than most tech forums regarding noobs and I feel this to be a great environment and opportunity to learn
  2. So, basically I know that a new title update has come out for Terraria. I believe it was released at the end of May. It's an important update because it's a bug fix update right after a major version. Currently I have the major version, that hasn't been bug fixed and when I try to update Terraria on my FSD 3, it doesn't show the newest update, even though it's almost been a month since its release. What i want to know is: does this problem occur only to me. I know the update is in the JQ360.com site, but when I downloaded it and put it in my game folder manually, it recognised only the previous version, eventhough I removed that one from the folder. Then, when I deleted the newest one, because it seemed that it did nothing, and try to play, my character save file got corrupted and I lost it. Anyway, weird shit going on, just wanted to see if anyone can suggest anything. Thanks for the read.
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