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  1. I aint been anything but straight and so far so good first step completed and i wish the guys n gals all the best on the road of enabling us to achieve what we can on the 360 full props to them
  2. 50% are reckoned to be "Gold" @£36 per = £558 million LOL you gotta be kidding do you realise this is results for games people are willing to purchase and certainly doesnt include shitty games from shitty developers who blame "piracy" for their downfall Also the " i only hack my console for the purpose of" wont wash either
  3. Number of Xbox Live Subscribers 31 Million @ average £27 per annum = 810.000.000
  4. Have a look http://www.statisticbrain.com/xbox-statistics/ Total XBox 360 Games Sold 384,000,000 @ an average of £24 a pop = £9216,000.000
  5. Because it would be total crap if it were impossible
  6. jigbim

    Problem|BF4 HD content

    sounds like you dont have enough space for the HD content (your console will still go through the motions as if installing the content but wont tell you if there is not enough room for it hence the fail to play)
  7. run one of yer mkv through mmg (http://www.videohelp.com/tools/MKVtoolnix) in the tools folder and take out audio not required see if that helps
  8. Luvvin it big style; trawled the scrap box found a ex lappy hdd 160gb formated ntfs banged the movies/tv shows on it plugged into console via EZ transfer and run the app off small 2gb pendrive Huge thanks !!
  9. When you say "copy" can you explain what method are you using I used XBOX360 ISO Extract on disc 1 and FTP'd the whole 545408A7 to content/0000000000000000000/here I then god formatted disc 2 and FTP'd it to my games folder result = games works flawlessly Setup Corona v1 duel nand Dash 16537 Dash launch 3.08 (aint updated to 3.09 yet it aint broken so dont need fixed) 500gb HDD1
  10. How did you build your image and did you select dash launch install with it or did you install dashlaunch manually or through fsd3
  11. On FSD3 using god format load disc 1 and 2 into ISO2GOD v1.3.6 at same time ( they will then in turn be created in 2 diff folders ie disc one and disc 2) FSD3 will take care of game play to disc 2 when the time arrives As stated above DLC goes in HDD1/content/000000000000000000/here when installing your first dlc it should already be in a game titled folder also as stated above any future dlc should yhen be inserted into folder 00000002 of that games dlc folder i use xm360 for all unlocking as the most i want to use the pc for is ftp to the hdd
  12. LMAO a world wide release show for a controller
  13. Works excellent now after update ; now only wish hosts who are getting beat on B02 man up a bit and stop pulling the connection
  14. To log into your router put ip of router in web browser ie on fsd side info input goes into plugin settings
  15. in general settings make sure enable updates on start up and beta updates are ticked then reboot fsd3 after you have connected to internet through ethernet cable or wifi as stated above
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