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  1. Thanks for the new dash, loads so much faster than FSD ! Great to see development still coming for 360
  2. Great skin, customization is excellent. Thanks for creating and sharing
  3. Correction...some guy just joined my game in F1 2012
  4. Same problem with F1 2012, there are five people in the room, searched for game session, none found...create session and leave for 20 mins and no one joins. Running latest title update and passing on TCP/UDP tests. I also get the issue as mentioned above in BOPS2
  5. Some things to try...already mentioned on previous pages. 1. Turn-off and unplug your xbox. Leave it for 20 secs and plug it back in again. 2. If you were using a custom skin on FSD before the update, make sure you delete it. Use xexmenu and navigate to the 'freestyle' folder and delete the custom skin you were using. This will change FSD to use default skin, which is needed in this build.
  6. Have been looking for an N64 emulator for the 360 for years, will try this out....hopefully Mario Kart works Thanks
  7. Looks great, sys information whilst game running is great to have, plus Link...dogs balls ! Looking forward to testing, thanks a lot
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