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  1. Hi, Wow good work. But Why does it not see the external HDD. The External HDD is viewable from FSD but not from aurora??? Thanks!!
  2. hi, I am a noob?? I dont know how to run this dash i click on aurora.xe and nothing happens??? is there any tutorial??? Thanks
  3. Hi, I installed 3.13 over 3.12. Iupdated the console to dash 17148 . But when I start the console and start 3.12 the path , configurator , plugins are not opening when I press A . Help?? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have the a similar problem too. New games donot show up. My path is fine and so are the game slots... Please help Thanks
  5. HI, I have attached the folder structure and elements for FARCRY4. I have renamed original default .xex to HELLO.xex and game.xex to default.xex The game is working well Enjoy
  6. Thanks Flaminek Works fine.... But there is one point though. There is no folder 555308CA in Hdd1\Content\0000000000000000 The game is working fine till now..
  7. Thanks. Super waiting for dashlaunch for the 16756 update
  8. Thank You Very much GR8 work
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