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  1. no sorry i misunderstood , i didn't realize he had issue using connectx in my case normal dash not using connectx and all working perfectly
  2. well i dunn have this issue i tried many times and most of my multidisc games are GOD and all work flawessly , so how is this a bug?
  3. downloaded and made it from scratch i prefer it to be from scratch not update via updater and everything works fine my only issue is that i dunn have any info in any game , for example when i open a game then hit the guide button it should show which TU is enabled , Media id , Title id and ofcourse arurora word above the guide menu but nothing appears can anyone tell me how to get these infos in game when i press the guide button inside any game?
  4. am sry for asking but for 2nd point i know there's skins folder in aurora and there's .xzp file but what is fsd plugin..i dunn have any plugins installed on my dashlaunch
  5. am sry to bump this thread but it seems i have the same problem..i have deleted FSD3 folder and put the aurora 0.5b folder on hdd1 went to dashlaunch and set default to : HDD1 / aurora 0.5b / aurora.xex . and i always turn on my xbox with the controller guide button then the strange thing happens whenever i turn on my xbox360 with my 2 1tb Hdd's Connected it boots to nxe dashboard and whatever i do i can't boot to aurora at all the solution is to turn off the console , unplug my 2 external HDD's from xbox , boot xbox normally from xbox 360 guide controller then it boots to aurora as normal so why this problem occurs? i never had this problem before with fsd3 . it only appeared after aurora my paths configuration in dashlaunch are all set to none except " Default " option which ofcourse is set to aurora so anyone help? Note: when i press xbox guide button it tells me to go to freestyle dash home not " aurora home ". so is there a work around this problem? thanks
  6. sry guys but how can i add covers manually? by not pushing using unity? as in F3 i used to download my covers manually then enter xbox ip address and add covers so how can i do this in aurora cause when i enter aurora ui there's no cover changing option
  7. thanks for ur reply ...so u think i would wait little bit untill site become more responsive and start using link? as nw i have all tests failed in upnp and so on
  8. am having problem..whenever i try to go into "settings->general settings->jge360" i find that my user name is only saved but not password, so i have to type it and press the button below then it says connected to server succesfully,,then when i press B button which is the back button..then comeback again to jqe360 i find my password not saved !! is there any way to help me with that plz? also for some reason "covers.jqe360.com " seems to be down
  9. am having problem with jqe in settings in my xbox
  10. yah same here i tried starting default.xex on my usb before replacing old freestyle to make sure it works...then it always crash...am glad i didn't replace my old F3 with it
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