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  1. This is the same font that is on aurora cover and named "application" on top.
  2. So, I thought that to upload covers needed someone to allow because when I upload my first cover It didn't apear in covers list. But now I know that we have to wait some hours. Thanks for replaying. Something that I usually don't like is that brazilian model covers are not usually to find.
  3. And how to put an image when i am at skins selector
  4. Before everything I thank you everyone that is developing and suporting Aurora and Team Phoenix. I am here to help and i change Aurora cover to a portuguese version because i know that many brazilians play on Xbox 360 RGH-JTAG If is possible, can someone upload this file to XboxUnity.net.
  5. Can you make a way to costumize the theme of the app
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