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  1. Practically no one is playing COD:AW any longer....well at least zombies and most people are still stuck at TU7...
  2. hi admin....seems there is a bug(that is what i can come up with).....anytime somebody goes on the xboxunity web interface and join a room which is full up(32) and forcefully add himself everybody in that room looses connection.......can the admin do something about this issue please as it becomes very difficult to join back. this normally happens with call of duty bo2 and advance warefare.
  3. there is an update for media ID 4FA17C64 CODAW but when u refresh nothing shows up....checked thru all forums i know of but there is no update whatsoever. Any help on that.
  4. am not sure we going to see any update on TUs..as people are now demanding money for it......
  5. then i guess u did not rip the game well.....(guess). read on a forum disc 1 is for content and disc 2 is god which is full game and multiplayer. check if u have done it well.
  6. me too i want to pay but i leave in West Africa (Ghana) and we dont do paypals, so how do i donate. If its monthly i would like it. second thing is 3g services do not alow us to play system link games. Is there a way around it.
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