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  1. The problem was the wire between the kinect sensor and the Xbox360, probably a bad connection or so, I changed the cable to the backside of the box and now the update is running, should it be in the back??? It always worked in the front connector. Thanks for all the help!!!! Great forum overhere and a lot of patience all the way!!!! Thanks again and now I can finaly play I think!!! I tested all and finetuned my kinect it is supurb. Si next time the xbox must be disconected from the power for several minutes ( in my case it was a totall day ) then reconect and the update starts and then ofcourse your kinect must be connected with the right wire or on the back as in my case. I am very greatfull!
  2. It is all the time, the light keeps blinking but no update ???
  3. Okay, I bought a new stick today just to try but strange enough I started tonight with my old stick in and yes there it cam the update! My avatars are back but my kinect still n eeds an update wich does not come???? I tried with the folders you named in your post on my new stick but all it keeps telling is that it needs an update strange enough all of a sudden in dutch?? I am almost there but pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff the way is hard and long. Any suggestions??
  4. It is I also tried with both $$ystemUpdate and $SystemUpdate in the root but nothing. Only is a notification at the start up that my kinect needs an update go to xbox live etc blabla bla but that does not work when I press okay so I do not know what is wrong
  5. Okay I downloaded the official systemupdate, I checked again for my current dashboard ( 2.0.16537.0 ) and tried to startup with holding RB to get in the metro dashboard. i do not get in the metro dashboard it just starts on to freestyle?? then i go to filemanager then to flash and ther I start the dashboars so i am in metro I think. The usbstick in the machine with the renamed file but no luck? also not with a original kinect game in the the drive . So maybe I should flash again?? or do you have a better solution?
  6. Was your answer ment for me? I think I quoted the wrong post, I ment I have a problem with my avatars and kinetic since the last update I did with rawflash 4 after I had the booting problem. I think you helped me very good that time So now I have again a problem but not as serious as the booting problem. My kinect will not work because it needs an update. My dash is the latest 16537 and I made a fresh fat 32 stick with the update on it. i tried it in freestyle and in metro but both no succes. My xell is an older one it is black
  7. I tried every possible way to update my console with the tutorial overhere but nothing works, I tried several usb stick a harddisk, metro startup, freestyle etc. It says it need an update for kinect and that is true because it is not working but then the message disapear en the freestyledash starts so no update. I renamed the file wich I downloaded overhere en the dashversion is okay with mine so what can I try to get my kinect working? I hope someone has a clear answer to my problem.
  8. Okay I tried the whole procedure om my windows 7 machine , so I loaded Xell again on the xbox took the IP saved my flash dump , my cpu key, my fuses and then used that in XEbuild to make an updflash.bin. Then I used your program to format an usb stick saved the updflash.bin to it in the root hanged it on my xbox started it but nope again it says in my screen looking for xenon.elf blablablabla so something realy is going wrong or my box is dead??? no update, there must be another way??? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, at last, after reading a lot on the internet watched very many youtube tutorials i decided to use rawflash 4 and put the xenon.elf file of that on my stick together with the renamed flash file from updflash.bin to nandflash.bin and a wonder appeared when I put my usb stick in te xbox 360 It started to update the machine and it started after a reboot with FSD dashboard!!! and all is good PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Thank you all for the help and I hope some people cab use my experience too Greetings I am gonna fix my settings etc on the box!!
  9. Okay I try with my laptop wich is windows 7 with your program and let you know what the results are!. I try the whole procedure on my laptop with windows 7 maybe that is the solution but I doubt it. I let you know in a few minutes, by the way How long does it take to make the updflash.bin with xebuild because it is going very fast maybe there is the problem?
  10. Nope, I tried it with my favorit program easeus partition manager but it stays the same. Something wrong with mXell version on the box? should I changee somthing in the Xebuild settings? I do not get an error when it is building the updflash.bin so???? Maybe I shouls search for some other flash.bin file to use with Xebuild? I am stuck and my box only give a Xell loader, however it stlll plays muppet 64 the nintendo emulator with xell, lol
  11. If I use that program an erro occur it says It can not format because the drive is already inuse by another program however I restarted my computer and used a new stick?? I try it with another parttionmanager thanks fot the idea I hope this wil fix it, I let you know!
  12. I am sorry it is indeed updflash.bin i mis writed that, I format the stick on my windows 8 computer as fat32 I used several sticks also different in capacity and I have used the slots at the backside and on the frontside without any drive plugged in exept for my internal drive. I hope this information is usefull for you. Thanks for your advise already but unfortunaly until now no luck
  13. Hello I already asked some advise abour this but unfortunately I did not get a solution yet. I followed the tutorial as place on this forum and after that I used XEbuild to make an updateflash.bin but when I put my fat32 formatted stick in the box Xelloader start but at the and it will not update but starts looking for xenon.el or vmlinux on usb.cd.dvd. I tried several sticks but no luck. Is there someone here with the same experience? pleae help?
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