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  1. Sound ill be on later this afternoon will create a room, hope to get a good room going.
  2. Hello fellow Linkers, as the titlle says UK gamers wanted to link up and play, mostly playing BOP 2 @ the moment but will play anything. On most nights after 4pm it would be super smashing great if we coild get a friendly uk community playing regulary.
  3. I totally agree with whats being said i havent played for about a week, if any of you just wanna have a fun relaxed game message me. Im in the uk and am on from about 4oclock.
  4. Merry Christmas & happy new year to one and all.
  5. Looks really sleek great work as usual
  6. In my opinion the cooler the better but i set mine through dashlauch, mine are set 50,50,50 its a phat falcon and its been running fine on these settings. Maybe its a little noisy but i can cope with that.
  7. Thanx for the reply Pizzle all updated now, cheers appreciated.
  8. Ive tried all the suggestions here with no luck, id just like to ask one further question. While at the metro dash can i just insert the memory stick? This may seem like a stupid question to some but like i have said ive tried everything suggested. Any advice would be gratefuly recieved. Forgot to say im running the latest dash FSD 3 & latest Dashlaunch.
  9. First off props to the team for creating this:) This is great news for everyone, i have recently cancelled my live sub havent botherd with Kia for a long time and dont have much luck with XBS.
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