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  1. By "Game dirs" you mean "ContentItemDirectory & ConytentItemPath" ? or you speak about the Assets file folder located in DataGameData<ContentItemId> ? By "to load your database with all the .assets files" you are talking about "COVERFLOW" button or just the importation ?
  2. Hi, Yes it is a big database. I just success to Install GaDaBaMa on my Win7 64bits, on my WinXP SP3 the GaDaBaMa didn't want to run with the MS Access RT 2010 installed version. So I cannot reproduce the html issue on others PC. For the cover show issue on FSD3, I did many test with the ASSERTS file generated by you and by FSD3 itself and I have the same issue only on XB360 Games but never with XBLA Games. For the same Game , Some time the cover is present sometime not . We can observe that in the last part of the list (2/3). It's randomize in fact. I wrote a batch file in perl for cleaning the FSD3 db when FSD3 forgot to download the *.bin files or if the assets header file is corrupted (no downloaded cover too) to force FSD3 to re-download the missing information for the next scan. All the GameData folder seam to be good with GaDaBaMa but not all the time with FSD3 !
  3. okay, I will wait for your answer if you received the same error message or not. Me I am using Win7 64bits with MS Access runtime 2013 x86 (with no pack office installed) TU,Xavier
  4. I have sent the content.db link to your account. For the cover issue, visible or not visible under FSD, some time FSD3 show the cover correctly some time not ! Just exit and re-start FSD to see the difference ... difficult to know what is wrong !
  5. Hi, For my problem of html generation is the issue is comming from the HTML function. If i click on COVERFLOW for example with AVAST antivirus disabled, i received a error message "Err: 13 - type incomptible" and in the title box we can see where the error is coming from "WriteImageFlowIndexHT..." same like "WriteGameWallIndexHT..." i think tat your index writer functions are using one common sub function which is failing "err 13" perhaps your code has an issue with my ms access runtime version ? Another Issue with the .asserts generation, under FSD3 I have some game without cover. Under GaDaBaMa the cover is really present. (jpeg is good and DDS too) My covers are coming from my old FSD installation, original ASSERTS extraction by GaDaBaMa (import) + Menu Start -> All Games + Menu JQE360.com -> All Games + Menu Start->Sync I tried to rebuild just one cover, Select the game + Menu Start->Current Game and decide finally to refresh all,Menu Start->All Game + Sync at the end Under FSD the missing cover (old JQE360 image) was now visible (MS image) but I found new missing covers on some games where the covers was visible before ! All jpeg covers are present under GaDaBaMa but the ASSERT generation (i think) is not done correctly all the time. Is there a tool i can use to check the ASSERT files content ? Is it possible to decompose the sync step by many step, call each step separately from a menu (JPEGtoDDS, DDStoASSERT etc ....) TU
  6. OKay, I found perhaps the solution, I have enable the samba feature in your settings menu but I don't understand it,it's a fake feature to force gadabama to write directly to the db without IP connection correct ?
  7. Hi, Another Issue for me ... When I tried to Sync GaDaBaMa DB with the FSD3 DB located on my local PC hard drive as in your video tutorial i received the error msg "You must disable samba on the fsd3 database you wish to use withgadabama" and under the line separator "Just install another F3 with samba enabled" I am not connected to my xbox360, i am working off line,all the FSD3 folder is located on my PC ( i am working on a copy), why are you speaking about SAMBA use if i am not using it ? Perhaps you check the SAMBA flag into the db and stop the sync if the option is enabled ? Thank for your help BR, Xv
  8. Here is a list of Issues: - When I click on COVERFLOW I received the error msg "Err 13 - type not compatible" + "cannot found index.html" - same error for coverwall with gamewall.html in fact i have no html file present in my GaDaBaMa installation folder into AppDataRoamingGaDaBaMa I need to force GaDaBaMa to scan again my library to generate these files ? TU, XV
  9. I have an error message each time I tried to open GaDaBaMa "Cannot found ..AppDataRoamingGaDaBaMaRSSfeedindex.html" This file is not present in this folder, how I can force GaDaBaMa to generate it or how I can bypass this message ? TU, XV
  10. You right, I did confusion between Windows SP version and Access RT SP version. For me: Win7 Familly Pemium 64 bits + No MS Pack Office installed + MS Access 2013 32bits installed + GaDaBaMA A2013 installed, all it's working fine ! but with WinXP SP3 + No MS Pack Office installed + MS Access 2010 32bits installed + GaDaBaMA A2010 installed, nothing is working correctly ! I had downloaded two differents French version of the MS ACCESS RT 2010 for x86 , the version 14.0.6029.1000 (74.6MB) and the version 14.0.4730.1010 (175MB) the first access RT didn't want to be installed (something like no product found or system not compatible) I will play with the running version now, thank for your old answer, BR, Xavier
  11. Hi Again, I tried to install GaDaBaMa on my second computer, a Win7 64 bits. Gadabama is not running with MS Access RunTime 64 bits, so for installing the 32 bits version I had removed The Pack Office 2010 from my Windows. I have Installed the 32 bits version of MS Access RT 2010 and Installed Gadabama after a reboot. Gadabama A2010 had well detected the runtime and has been correctly installed, but not possible to run it correctly, same Issue and Macro call. I have uninstall the run time 2010 and Gadabama A2010, i have Installed the runtime 2013 without reboot and Gadama A2013 and it's working ! Conclusion the issue is not comming from the language Fr or Us but I think you appz is linking to a specific version of access runtime so it(s very difficult to install GaDaBama with success ! Difficult and long process !!! for a simple installation. For French Windows version, I recommend to use the MS Access Runtime 2013 x86 Fr with the GaDaBaMa A2013 installer ... (Uninstall Office before if not a 32 bits and not an 2013 version) For WinXP SP3 I never success the installation process, the 2013 version is for the latest Windows version like Win7 For that you need to deleiver a new version of GaDaBaMa for a MS Access RT 2010 SP3 not SP1 ! Have Fun with it , Bye
  12. Hi Keyser, I am trying to install Gadabama on two differents computer but without success. The First one is a WinXP SP3, during the install the setup program is trying to download the Microsoft Access 2010 SP1 for US language. This version of runtime is not compatible with a French version of Windows and not compatible with SP3 too. I can download and install manually from MS website the MS access RunTime 2010 fr for SP3 x86 (32 bits) (2013 is for Win7) and install it successfully. Your setup detect the runtime and install gadabama correctly. But when i tried to launch it I reived the error cannot find and execute the macro blablabla.... Question: Is Gadabama is compatible with SP3 MS access runtime 32 bits version for a language different of US ? Thank for your Help
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