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  1. But how do you install it so both discs run of a single cover without using Aurora to simply hide one of them in the 'no section', surely doing it using the method you described here would mean you would have 2 covers & 2 xex's that you would have to return to the dash to switch between if you wanted to play the content on disc 2 and vice versa.
  2. Has anyone installed Ghost recon advanced warfare 2 legacy edition to a JTAG or RGH ?? Can't seem to find any mention of anything regarding this game on the web, I installed splinter cell black list to my RGH hdd perfectly fine by converting both disc 1 & 2 to god then creating a file structure with separate disc folders and finally extracting the HD content to the folder with 16 zero's, so i'm just wondering if this method will work with GRAW2 legacy edition also, as GRAW2 doesn't have HD content, it has the base game on disc 1 and extra dlc on disk 2 so i'm thinking i can obviously skip the content step and convert both discs to god then set up the separate disc folders like i did with splinter cell and all should work? Or what is the best way to set up GRAW 2 Legacy edition to your knowledge?
  3. Is it the same method for Ghost recon advanced warfare legacy edition? ik GRAW2 doesn't have HD textures, but it has the base game on disc 1 & extra dlc on disc 2 , so i'm assuming i can skip the content step and set up file paths with both discs converted to god like you wrote above and it should work in terms of switching the discs and allowing me use of the extra dlc, correct?
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