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  1. Hi team, Great work as always..... I should have chimed in before the update although it have probably been noted and resolved already in this update. The problem i found was that a few games like BlackOp2 would download the latest tu but would miss match the media id. I had to do some manually due to this. I hope and believe this is someone uploading the wrong files and not an Aurora issue. Now i'm going to be anal and suggest that we have a standard for banners in the artwork. I.e a standard of uniform headers on the artwork in stead of varying styles for the arcade banner, xbox 360 banner, kinect banner etc on the top of the covers. I only suggest this as the styling and class associated with aurora is superb and it does take from it. I have the time and sure others do to take on the database and make them all as uniform and aesthetically pleasing as i believe Aurora intended. Anyway, i'm sure the appreciation for the time you people put in is understated. Keep up the good work and thanks again.
  2. Hi team, love the new dash...... I'm currently having issues with covers etc. I have a database of 325 from fsd which Aurora finds no problem, but it only downloads the assets for under 50 and then goes to idle. If i hit the download missing assets (changing market place makes no difference) it counts up to about 5 downloads then soon goes to idle with no more assets downloaded. If i individually choose a game and hit refresh it will generally give a list of up to 10 downloads but usually updates all but the cover is left empty? The only fails i get in the test is the ports which is my router setup, but shouldn't effect this just game play? Any help would be greatly appreciated, i apologize if this is already topic-ed elsewhere.....
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