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    Your homebrew app, game, emulator needs to be renamed exactly how it is on unity for Aurora to be able to see & pull those certain homebrew covers etc. So use unity to find that certain cover name & rename your homebrew title to that on your 360. As 95% of the hombrew Title, Media Identification for those apps, games, emulators, dashboards are ZERO's as these never officially released with there own title, media ID as it's a homebrew. If Aurora is unable to see & find your certain homebrew cover after you renamed it to what unity is displaying. Only way is to manually push your covers over via Aurora Asset Editor to your 360.
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    Hi, I like Freestyle very much and I don't like Aurora's interface... So I've spent some days to understand how Freestyle works and let it download covers and description again (and avoid crash errors!). So I've created a script that modify Freestyle XEX to let anyone set another URL (localy or remotely, as you wish). I take my inspiration from this old project : https://github.com/Gualdimar/fsd4ever Then I've created API to return all descriptions and images, which can be hosted on a Apache server. I have now a hosted version of my code, which propose a lot of covers and descriptions in several languages, but I don't know if people here are always interested by Freestyle and if I can propose it here. I don't know if it is legal too... Now my Freestyle version works well, with no crash. Images are better compressed too and Freestyle seems to be fast than before to display pictures. Let me know if you are interested.
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    I translated this theme into Brazilian Portuguese that I thought was lost a long time ago. I didn't find the original author, the forum where it was originally posted is no longer online. It is 100% compatible with FSD 7xx. Obs. It is not 100% translated, I am still working on it. 2005.xzp
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    I wanted to have a Windows XP style boot screen for Aurora so I made one. It has both dark and light, just change the "Alternate Splash Screen" option in the skin menu. This theme just changes the Aurora loading screen, so if you have a theme you already like, feel free to extract the XZP with XZPtool and just copy AuroraLoading.xur and the Images folder (no overwrites) to your preferred theme. XboxXP.xzp
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    Windows 8.1 on Xbox360? It's possible. My skin faithfully reproduces the User Interface of Windows 8.1. Essential, light, user friendly. Thanks to the new customization system, you can have 1426 combinations of backgrounds for your Start screen: there are 23 colors and 57 genuine Windows 8.1 wallpapers (+5 retro), among which 34 images and 26 graphic themes (+2 special). Screenshots Instructions Copy "Dash RT v2.1 [eng] by DOC.xzp" in Hdd1:\Freestyle Dash\Skins. Start the FSD, select "Dash RT" in Skins and reboot. Changelog v2.0 - Renewed the loading screen at startup. - Redesigned some tiles: Games, Arcade, Xbox Classic, Profile, Personalize, Title Updates and other tiles. - New commands in the Start Screen: press B to enable the weather, press BACK to sign out, press START to enable SystemBar. - Renewed the SystemBar, only visible in the Start Screen to not cover the controls in other screens. - Introduction of CharmsBar: press the Right Stick to access to different functions at each screen with important information, such as weather, profile, temperature, memory and more. - New design for Lists Games, with a new Options bar. - Fixed the bug of the extraction of the disc. - Font integrated, now there isn't need to copy it to the FSD. - Added 9 wallpapers, 8 themes and 3 colors for a total of 511 new possibilities for more customization. - Recreated many files to improve the possibility of translation into other languages. - Added and redesigned many other small details. Changelog v2.1 - New Welcome message at startup: you can disable this message in Personalize/Change the visuals. - New design for notifications that appear when files are modified or changed the skin. - Renewed Dash RT logo within the CharmsBar, now it changes color with the system. - Added 5 wallpapers of Windows old versions: 98, Me, XP, Vista, Seven. - Redesigned and corrected other small details. Downloads Dash RT 2.1 [english] r775 https://mega.nz/#!YUU2SKKQ!ge_1b3KeTBRo6CrTHLH2AuewgQ85umGsBSgK4Icw6dc Dash RT 2.1 [italian] r775 https://mega.nz/#!RQsk3Qpa!-o5vk_zTqhcTcY_I_f8CNBgSnkxeXltqENop8OixF1Q Dash RT 2.1 [spanish] r775 - translation by bocasecaman https://mega.nz/#!oY0nCS6b!gtNNaCMPFlcWcvdYCdnxT8noM7mjr4aeeIwFHAPWyBo Dash RT 2.1 [russian] r775 - translation by Ðртем Погорелый https://mega.nz/#!9YEC3AzY!RhM9aNM7tsMdTl49B6OutJepgE7j0NMQKFwulhg8TH0 Dash RT 2.1 [french] r775 - translation by StefD30 https://mega.nz/#!YRlUUYRJ!_fsrTF4xEYH0iA5Vu89nk6RBV5w6B60cVEfhd-3bT_s Dash RT 2.1 [polish] r775 - translation by xcoom https://mega.nz/#!EB9DhDZL!iiRQ4Ehmp6CzDRfy1PpA_R0iOYatl14P6Ubf_8C17G0 Kinect(+indie games) Old versions
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    Until a scanned cover pops up, you could use this one. Front and back are original, and the spine is made by me.
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    Hey Guys, I hope that you all are doing well.. There's a Link with a pack of 37 skins to use in your Aurora 0.7: https://mega.nz/file/GUdR1SQB#GjTWeTbhHYfaPih1hO41FSSIK1EvayBpuZEDg_yqgiI (actually I'm using the "cyberpunk" skin and it is looking pretty good). I'm not the person who uploaded this skins, I got it by this Brazilian Youtuber:
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    I have a list of Xbox 360 Japanese Titles to add. The add page on xbox unity just searches forever so I cannot add them myself. They are as follows: Cross Channel 434607D6 Code_18 434607D8 Chaos;Head Loves Chu Chu 465607DC Apocalypse Desire Next 494607D5 Akatsuki No Amaneka To Aoi Kyojin 434607D2 Diario Rebirth Moon Legend 494607D2 Disorder6 465607F4 Dream Club Zero 445007F6 Dunamis15 465607E9. 11Eyes Crossover 465607D4 Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy 424107D6 Robotics;Notes 465607EC Root Double 553107D1 Sharin No Kuni: The Girl Among The Sunflowers 465607E1 Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram 465607F3 Steins;Gate My Darling's Embrace 465607E8 Entaku No Seito: Students Of Round 4B5807D1 W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikou 465607DB Zegapain NOT 424107D1 Zegapain XOR 424107D1 Zoids Infinity Ex Neo 544F07D1 Momotarou Dentetsu 16 Gold 485507D3 If you need me to also include the artwork just let me know. I also tried adding artwork for meikyuu x blood reloaded 565707D4 but it does not appear. Not sure what the required specs need to be. Thank you!
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    Here is a mega collection of 3346-GPD's including help and software GPD's_3346_+Tutorial.rar
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    https://mega.nz/file/a4d1jSgD#OKPK5VmzwBweuLOzpk75dgFBtjEeDzB1VHafHtEjxEM PRENXE US 775 https://mega.nz/file/r8NVFKZZ#ABveZQ6zq_uut2lSOldrmHdMxj1bwEgN2fuMZVS4UBo PRENXE FR+775+addons we only need the carbon version anyone can upload the carbon pre nxe skin?
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    This is a small 10ish page .rtf document showing pretty much everything from opening/exporting/saving files and basic timeline/keyframe concepts for those that are new to the craft, to an animation example that is simple yet may spark some creativity in even the most experienced out there. I am by no means a pro but I have learned how to find my way around this program a bit over the years, "proper" or not I'm unsure because I don't personally know any pro's LOL,,but If even just one person learns something from this I will be happy to have passed on the knowledge A sample of the first section zoomed out to see a bit more Video Clip Of Finished Skin Demo Documents ending statement........ Kindest regards, begallegal1 Please note: the .rtf document does expand to 61mb when extracted from archive, this is due to the large amount of pictures included so if your pc is an old dog like mine it may take a second for it to load in wordpad Tutorial Document Working with XUI - Animated Background Visuals.rar Skin Animated Bkg TUT_Skin.rar
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    Here's a collection of all my boot animation work, will continue to do more as long as there's an interest!To use these animations you'll need Fakeanim and Dashlaunch 3.03+ installed. Transformer Boot - Video - TransformerBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download Link Xbox Disk Boot - Video - XboxDiskBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Disk Boot without the SubText - XboxDiskBoot-WST.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkFire Boot Anim - Video - FireBootAnim.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Stone Boot - Video - XboxStoneBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Gears Boot - Video - XboxGearsBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Sand Boot V3.01 - Video - XboxSandBootV3.01.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Storm Boot - Video - XboxStormBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Icy Boot - Video - XboxIcyBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXbox Sand Boot V2 - Video - XboxSandBootV2.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkF&WBoot - Video - F&WBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkShockwaveWormBoot - Video - ShockwaveWormBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkSillyRobotsBoot1 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot1.wmv or Mediafire Download Link SillyRobotsBoot2 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot2.wmv or Mediafire Download Link TreasureBoot - Video - TreasureBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download Link SillyRobotsBoot3 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot3.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxLoading - Video - XboxLoading.wmv or Mediafire Download Link SillyRobotsBoot4 - Video - SillyRobotsBoot4.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxCrysisLogoBlue - Video - XboxCrysisLogoBlue.wmv or Mediafire Download LinkXboxCrysisLogoRed - Video - XboxCrysisLogoRed.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxTechBoot - Video - XboxTechBoot.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxSandBootV1 - Video - XboxSandBootV1.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxVacuum - Video - XboxVacuum.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxBoom - Video - XboxBoom.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxOneSphere - Video - XboxOneSphere.wmv or Mediafire Download Link XboxOneMagic - VIdeo - XboxOneMagic.wmv or Mediafire Download Link CinematicXboxOne - Video - CinematicXboxOne.wmv or Mediafire Download Link Also! Don't forget to check out the new FSD Skin i've made called PlayBox One Hope you guys enjoy my work!
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    ---------------------------------------------------| FakeAnim v0.60b |--------------------------------------------------- Overview: This release will allow for fake animations in the form of WMV 9 encoded videos to be played on the console prior to showing the dashboard. Since this file is only loaded after the console is ready there will be a minor increase in boot times. This has no impact on glitch times since the glitch occurs prior to this file ever being loaded. The Delay and Calibration settings are designed to allow the user to tweak the video to their specific system and display. This tweaking makes it so that the video does not get cut off. Please read below for a full set of instructions: Intallation & Configuration: Important: Do NOT attempt to delete bootanim.xex if you are unable to restore to a previous NAND dump via hardware. Requirements: DashLaunch v3.03 is required for this to work. Installation: Copy over all files in the archive to the HDD or USB of the 360. Edit your launch.ini to have fakeanim = point to the fakeanim.xex Reboot the console and make sure the application runs. Ignore the Red Screen being present for a while. Once you have verified the application is launched remove bootanim.xex** from the consoles Flash. (Use FS3 or FTP). Reboot the console and pay attention to how long the red screen is displayed. Calibration takes place in the fakeanim.ini file and should be checked with a cold boot in order to force the GPU to initialize. Once calibration is complete edit the fakeanim.ini and set calibration to 0 Calibration Notes: To adjust the length the red screen is shown. Add to the number to increase the time take delay. Take away to decrease it. The delay function is used to ensure the video does not get cut off during the monitor and GPU starting each "delay" is 250ms. Valid entries are between 0 and 100. For slims start around 5. For Phats start around 13. The goal is to get the red screen to show for the least amount of time possible on the Evil Laugh wmv when performing a cold boot. NFO: FakeAnim_v0.60b.rar
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    Since some people seem to like my old dosbox/win95 launcher and myself and some pals are having a retro game night soon, I decided to whip up this little app to make our DOS a bit more fun. This is an application to aid in using the Xbox360 port of DOSBox Anybody that has ever used DOSBox on their Jtag/RGH/XDK know that its kind of a pain to copy each .config file every time you want to launch a game (if you want it to auto execute that is) ,, this app solves the issue Features: -Lists all game folders in the "DOS" directory -On launch, the selected games .config file is copied to app root for proper auto execution. -App auto selects "regular" or "dev" version based on the kernel running on the x360 (only dif is devkits have mouse support, see readme.nfo) Usage: -Add your game folders to the "DosBox 360 BrowserV0.01\DOSXBox360\DOS" directory, ensure your folder includes an edited .config file for proper auto execution *NOTE: Game folders must be 8 characters or less, otherwise you will get errors when loading game!!! Here is a .config example,,edit your games folder name and .exe name [autoexec] # Lines in this section will be run at startup. @ECHO OFF MOUNT C GAME:\DOS -freesize 500 C: cls cd C:\DOOM cls DOOM.exe From now on you can launch the game from the browser without having to copy or edit any more files, or type any boot commands in dosbox! Seeing that I cannot include any game content as examples, if you have any issues getting your games .config files setup, or any other issues please feel free to ask enjoy, begal DosBox 360 BrowserV0.01.rar I take no credit for dosbox or the 360 port of it, credits to the authors of them both, I only made this browser to aid in using the program! Feel free to post this anywhere on the webs you want (yes that's aimed at you Heavy Smoker LOL)
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    Red and blue version of the Aurora default skin. Log-in to download. With version 0.6b, the Aurora plugin patch by gavin_darkglider is included. Aurora-0.4b-metro-blue.rar Aurora-0.5b-metro-blue.rar Aurora-0.6b-metro-blue.rar Aurora-0.7b-metro-blue.rar Aurora-0.4b-metro-red.rar Aurora-0.5b-metro-red.rar Aurora-0.6b-metro-red.rar Aurora-0.7b-metro-red.rar
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    Update, ready to use. Main fixes: * Downloading covers * Title Update Downloading games Not official. Novelty: Now only appears TU Media ID in use. ===================================== Version of New 783 - Replaced World Weather key on the API Key v2 - Fix forecast (new tags) Language: English Author update: cosmaty HOMEBREW • Freestyle.780 • ( Nao Oficial ) • Para Xbox 360 RGH.rar FSD3.783.7z
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