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    Have just donated too 👍 Thanks for what you do and hope to see some more!
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    Added the Avatar. No major changes. This is still the original Aurora default.xzp but with the avatar. It is offset for a reason. I did have a version 1 afew years back I uploaded to another group but avatar was far to the left screen. but never uploaded it anywhere else thank god😅 as recently I noticed when running props with my avatar it will cut out of the screen & the scene wasn't large enough & it looked weird when running props but looked nice with just the avatar. Lmao I have tested this v2 version extensively with large prop animations & everything seems to work fine within that scene & not cut out of the scene. So now all avatar prop animations will fit & work along side your avatar. Why it's offset to the right of the screen. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12xtQebsvROtXA1taqf3ywq_qfRLRlAKZ/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Runs in aurora. Just never fully finished it. This is the front end of it.
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    hi is there already a fix for this. i have a trinity slim but i cant open the emulator and i cant also open xell but the console boots just fine. how do i fix this?
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    I'm glad to hear it. It doesn't look like many other people are still engaging with these boards, which is a real shame - I love my RGH 360s! So yes, let's keep the scene alive together Keep going on your cover trailer screenshots, I'm excited to see the results when you're done!
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    Looks good. Yeah you need to extract the xzp into xur then you can start to do what you want & make the skin your own
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    I really like the freestyle dash/NXE dashboard. Unfortunately the combination of freestyle dash not downloading covers, crashing, and unstableness of it renders it unusable. I would also like if it showed temps and info shown in the screenshot below. Alternatively if there is a way to fix freestyle dash crashing, and allowing it to download covers I will also take that as well. Thank you to any contributors!
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    Aurora is a great piece of software but I'm one of those people who likes a stock look on their modified console. And we all know that NXE was the best 360 dashboard before MS started changing it with those awful tiles So I've been playing about with Aurora Coverflow Layout Editor and have managed to create this: It's a bit of a hack - CLE doesn't seem to officially let you have your library only appear on one side so I cheated and just pushed the other side off the screen entirely 😂 It's still WIP and needs a little tweaking but overall, I think it comes pretty close. The left and right motion works great. However, I don't know if it's possible to use the vertical controls to change categories without changing how Aurora works underneath. The above screenshot uses the avatar from @KiwiMeoWii but I'd like to understand from them how we can tweak that. I don't think the original NXE dashboard had the avatar in this position but it's still how I remember it, so I'm going to have it present on mine. The layout and background from this are attached in this thread. I'll keep working on this to improve it! Xbox 360 NXE 2 by LeoG.cfljson
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    Was casually fixing friend's Xbox360 and suddenly translated Aurora 0.7b to Ukrainian Briefly checked for any mistakes, but if anyone see something wrong - let me know. Дякую, всім добра. UA-UA 07b.xml UA-UA 07b.xzp
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    It should work on all versions of Windows from Windows 7 and up atleast, just make sure that you unpack all of the files before you try to run it - if you try to just run it from the ZIP file you downloaded that's likely not going to work.
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    Thanks Josh for you quick answer. i did back my soldering i get my first dump, and everythings all right, it's work. Thanks for the very impresive work. Kind regards, G
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    Ah I see. But it's still impressive work! I did think (and hoped) it was the homescreen but if Aurora makes that impossible then obviously that's not your fault.
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    This image is not the homescreen man. This is the Aurora Quickview. Only way I could emulate the nxe dash was using the quickview tabscenes to build it.
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    I have no words and spectacular, finally a skin worthy of being called a skin would be the most beautiful skin without discussion hoping that you will have the time to complete it and publish it and if possible also add the avatar on the home screen. It would become the default skin on all my installations of rgh that I'm selling
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    Yeah the position is where it is for a reason. If you decide to run prop animations alongside your avatar & want those background avatar props to work in that scene those will work with this avatar scene. As there are alot of different variation of prop animations & some really big prop animations. It actually takes up half of the screen which you wouldn't see unless your running a big prop animation. From the right side of the screen when looking directly at it to the middle of the screen. Is how wide the prop animation scene is. Most people forget about the prop animations so the background scene for the avatar ain't wide enough. So when you try to run background animations you will see it cut out of the scene because the scene ain't wide enough. Hope this helps
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    Yes adding the avatar has been possible from the start I guess. It's just the skinners never added it to there skins or just didn't like the avatar. The tools are publicly available. For NXE questions: it's possible but it won't turn out to be the actual nxe dashboard as your limited to the Aurora code. I have emulated the nxe tabscene using the Aurora quickviews options but thats how far I got. As I wanted to be able to boot the multi quickview scene on aurora boot up. But then found out it's not possible after talking to Mattie & Swizzy awhile back. As Aurora is built around the coverflow You will need the Aurora Source Code & to do big changes. This is another reason I stopped making my own custom skins. As I was limited in how far I could go. Plus most of the skins look the same Only decent skin builders I have seen for aurora are Odin, M0514H & that skin Holimite Gears of War theme for 6b were my all time top aurora themes I'll use. All themes now are all based from there custom skins. I am thinking of remaking that Holimite Gears of War 0.6b theme to work with v0.7b.2 but kind of busy doing other things. Done this theme years back. But never released as it's still a working progress. But has the nxe idea behind it in the Aurora quickviews. Works like a charm. But the idea was not mine. Was all matties idea. But yeah life things get in the way
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    To achieve perfection, if possible, the speed of the animation movements should be corrected
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    Awesome work! Glad to see this working 😀
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    Very good, no skin and person has ever corrected the avatar animation, finally someone was able to correct this error and I congratulate you, thanks
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    Greetings! I've been toying around and made some xbox one inspired boot animations. This one is with Xbox One startup sound: bootanimchq-1.wmv And this one is with original Xbox 360 startup sound: bootanimohq-1.wmv With Xbox One startup sound and Microsoft logo: bootanimchqm-1.wmv With original Xbox 360 startup sound and Microsoft logo: bootanimohqm-1.wmv Haven't tried them myself yet, so let me know if it works fine.
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    I wrote a basic script that should accomplish this. Let me know if there are any issues. https://github.com/jrobiche/xbox360-aurora-scripts/tree/main/DeviceIDUpdater
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    Josh Lineberry developed an "Aurora Asset Manager Script/Ultimate Xbox 360 hard drive database setup/modding tool" - he posted several YouTube videos of the tool. It seems it would solve what your looking for. I haven't seen the script on the GitHb, or available for download anywhere but is definitely some great work. If Josh reads the forum, hopefully he'll release the script to the community, I hate having to manual update the UUID in the database when upgrading HDDs, especially with the new XL HDD capabilities for 16TB drives.
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    I made a small donation because you deserve so much for the work you are doing now more than ever with the release of rgh3 our beloved 360 is back to life I have done a lot of installations and it is very important because it means there will be more people able to dedicate yourself to 360 with a community in continuous growth
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    FabricioMG should be hired by the aurora team! to come the PT BR translation officially integrated! Would be good!
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    How do I make aurora skins with music and animations. A tutorial would be very helpful
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    Thanks for this update and very happy to see Netiso is still being worked on. My synology is waiting patiently for it and using extracted jtag format with connectx meanwhile
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    That's actually a great idea, I made this skin when I was a teen tbh and I have forgotten how to even make one, but I'll learn it again for sure to make this!
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    Thanks for the fix. I thought the whole project had been abandonned. Now i can be hopeful again to see Netiso coming one day !
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    Xex Manager Lite é um mod do Xex Menu 1.2, podemos basicamente chamar o Xex Menu 1.3 verificar as vantagens. -7 MB de tamanho comparado ao Xex Menu 1.2 com 204 MB - Ele é prático e sem curling -Interface com nova pele e ícones agradáveis - Formato de deus de jogo completo Créditos para MathuwsGamerMW por Mod Download Clique aqui
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    Guys I have such a question, as you understand from the title of the theme, I would like to add sound to the scrolling of the cover layouts, how can I achieve this.
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    There are graphic software which provide you all the tools to create a cover, but you need to know how to use them and what is needed to create a technically correct cover. Maybe there are even apps which create covers for different platforms. There is also adobe photoshop available. For transfer you can just use ftp clients like Total Commander, to copy cover from smartphone to xbox. Or you can just upload them via browser on unity. İf you dont have a network connection at all i recommend at least to built up one with a router, which you will need to get. Also on some android devices, you can get OTG cable to connect a USB flash stick to your phone and transfer the files on it with the file browser, a good one is ES File Manager. Also another idea is to use the mobile hotspot, if your xbox has wifi, so you connect it with that, and use the ftp clients for that.
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    I'm new doing skin https://youtu.be/d1RczGhXWzA Download
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    That is easy enough, for an app like the skin meta generator, as the format of the file can be edited with a text editor. With the Coverflow Editor, half the magic is in the Aurora Extension, that allows you to see the changes, as you go. Writing a new app that works with that extension is going to be hard, if you dont know how that extension actually works, or have the source to the current app. You do have the option of recoding the DLL extension also, but that would be difficult, as the function names and definitions would have to be exactly the same as the ones that are in the official one, so it would actually load, and then you would have to know the actual API calls for modifying the coverflow. Since those are probably aurora specific, you are stuck again. Probably best to use what is there, even with out the error checking that a regular end user app would have.
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    They arent looking to hard to fix the bugs, it was a tool that was created for internal use, they released it as is, as it was never designed for the general public, but to make their lives easier. They thought the community would enjoy it also, so they could easily create coverflows. That being said, if it works for their purposes, no need to fix it further. Plus I wold rather the developers spend their time developing Aurora, and not a tool that creates coverflows.
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    You have to load an existing layout before you can edit it... this tool was done as an internal tool before it was released and we didn't bother adding a ton of error checking everywhere (when it was used internally, it was then released as-is)
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    Make sure to load an existing Coverflow before you start changing values... Otherwise, send me the error message you get and i'll help you fix it
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    Awesome little app. I was just messing with it, and when I get some time I will see what I can do with it. I love how it updates on the xbox the moment you change a value.
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    Hey I was just thinking about some features I would really enjoy in future Aurora versions. I'm not a coder so I don't really know if they are possible but from a user standpoint these would be really neat. - Add an option to have a finite number of entries in the game list (so that they don't loop over and over again). This is an aesthetic preference that I wanted since FSD3 with the coverflow option. - Make hardware temperatures visible. - File explorer with rename / copy / cut / paste options. - When deleting a game, you are left with an empty media ID folder (for example 58410A37). It would be nice if Aurora deleted these folders when deleting a game, IF they are empty and don't have any other files inside (besides the game that was deleted). I used to delete the folders manually every time I deleted a game. I like to keep everything as clean and organized as possible. It would be nice to have it done automatically. - Show free HDD space somewhere in a corner. -When transferring files between my PC and 360 via FTP, I noticed that Aurora doesn't show any activity like FSD did (FSD showed connection status and transfer speeds). Now it only shows idle in the top-right corner. - Rename that option when pressing the Guide button to show "Aurora" or something like that instead of "Freestyle home". I think this is related to the freestyle plugin itself. - Just like user "TEEMO KOG" suggested, please add a simple menu for different categories like "XBOX360 | XBLA | Original XBOX | HOMEBREW" or something similar that you can change with the Left and Right Bumpers. Nothing too fancy. - (I DOUBT this one is possible but having this feature would be amazing !! ) I noticed that when you press Y to show details for a game, it shows something like "Last played". I was wondering if you can also keep track of total playtime for a game (something like 6 hours and 55 minutes or 6:55). It would also be great if you had a "Clear Playtime" button to reset the timer to 0. I would love this feature because I always keep track of my single player campaign times and having this would make my stopwatch app on my phone useless I am aware that adding too many features would defeat the purpose of having a clean and fast experience but I think that having some of these features would be awesome A sincere Thank you! to everyone involved in this project.
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