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    [ Problem ] I was having difficulty describing my games (synopsis), as well as screenshot images, - Even being in line with Aurora 0.7b.1 _ . [Solution] after a more detailed search in my premises I verified that my communication ports with my router were closed for my video game (xbox), after opening the doors manually straight into the router everything came back to work perfectly (happiness) Photos showing the ports I used to communicate on my router As Thanks to all of the Group who helped me with support and positive energy . [ post updated and edited 10/24/2018 ]
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    Great job man! but can you please make a version without the avatar please ?
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    I think it will take them some time to make a good fix. The solution from Dex9999 for the Asset Editor works with an HTML parser, while XML is preferable. I think the Aurora team will try to find that. There are always two options.: Fast and not so good or taking your time and do it good. So I do not mind to have a little patience...
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    Can you make a version with avatar removed please?
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