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    If anyone needs help please feel free to message me or write in comments below please thumbs up and subrscibe if you feel like and and more tutorials will be made on request
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    im wanting to know if i can change the resolution to 1920x1080 for screenshots. its always defaulted to 1280x720 and the screenshot itself comes to be 1152x720. any help on this would be appreciated
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    Problem Solved. I had to delete the cache data (not the archive in storage). I went to storage>Hard Drive, press (Y) over the storage, and check the option "clear cache data" and deleted all the TU. Thanks =)
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    Use exiso instead of image browser.If it still continues, reinstall dashlaunch(preffer new version 3.06) and use my launch.ini
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    Try running the game through x360GameHack to remove any AP Protection. Also, if you ahve the disc, why not install the game to hard drive in NXE and use NXE2GOD to convert it. Should resolve this issue? Another thing, make sure you use the USB at the back, as the back USB Ports have their own dedicated SystemBus, where as the 2 at the front share one systembus amongst other things on the board.
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