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    Never Install F3 through F3Installer or even dont update to to newer version through FSD3 use the manual install steps. look here http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=218 Download the TeamFSD.Freestyle30Rev402.7z File extract it on USB, start xexmenu on xbox , delete old FSD from HDD1 . Than make a new folder on HDD1 and rename to FreeStyleDash3 and copy in all extracted data from TeamFSD.Freestyle30Rev402.7z. Set Dash Launch , Log in into JQE360 account set paths and deactivate the Scan at Start use instead the Manual Scan. Hope you understand and it helps maybe
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    So in the long run,this might turn into a similar thing that was being practised on XBL ? I remember when I used to play on live,I get bad REP because I killed a guy 5 times in a row in a game and he thought I was cheating,I get bad REP because I was the MVP but my kill to death ratio is mathematically wrong.You get bad REP because somebody simply does not like you. Look at how some folks mis-use the REP system here,they give you -REP simply because you told them they posted their topic in the wrong section.How are they truely going to tell if the party reporting you is actually telling the truth or for that matter,what actually happened and not because they couldn't talk more sh1t than you ?
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    boot up xexmenu and delete the theme fsd will then revert to stock skin
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    i guess there is a server limit or something.. for example i cant play with people in europ but i can play with usa.. i am in egypt
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