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  1. Runs great thanks ced2911
  2. mtype101

    RGH Slim For Sale

    RGH Slim for sale Custom Power LED Mod neon Blue & Red, Talismoon Custom Red. 2 x 500GB Hard drives Externals 1 Pad , All cables and leads in mint codition. Latest dash & latest FSD. Looking arounf £200 plus delivery Pictures on request.
  3. New features look good any chance of beta testing.
  4. Delete dash launch while in xexmenu via FTP then upload a fresh copy
  5. mtype101

    FSD Won't run

    Thanks jpizzle my bad lol xexmenu it is then
  6. mtype101

    FSD Won't run

    Also you can access FTP via xell if you press eject to boot console.
  7. Cheers blakcat an jpizzle finally flashed latest dash via USB mode autogg and xell brill
  8. No it flashes latest dash mate autogg tried in safe mode still header error
  9. Keyser thats exactly what mine is doing exactly the same. thanks for the vid saves me showing Autogg
  10. It's seems to be when it's trying write the NAND back to console do you want me create a vid showing if
  11. http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=XkY5bfc6 thats what i see when i run it but then errors if needed i could create a video to show error
  12. Tried the above still causing an error i dont have avast windows firewall is off the error is when the program is trying to create a hacked nand Says auto-menu error
  13. Glad it's not just me Salford gunstar
  14. Latest FSD Set as default latest Dashlaunch. connects ok can do a screenshot ok reads the dumps the nand as it should puts the key and everything in the program as its trying to auto make new nand image just says error i press ok and thats it
  15. program managed to dump the nand using the auto feature so the program then had all the info it needed but then it kicked up an error
  16. Didn't work for me I did a screen shot make sure it connected to it. Download the dash I wanted click auto update it rebooted fsd then on PC said unable to connect to fsd
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