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Xbox 360 Hacked Xbox Backwards Compatibility v5832 2018

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I found this I don't know if it was on on this forum

This is the Xbox Classic emulator for the Xbox 360 which allows for original Xbox games to be played on the Xbox 360.

As this backwards compatibility update is hacked, it allows for more Xbox Classic games to be played on the Xbox 360 than are officially supported. Some of the games not officially supported play almost perfectly, however some have various issues.


Original 2007 version of this hack: xorloser
Updated 2018 version of this hack: mathieulh

:: Overview

This is a devkit version of the retail xbox360 backwards compatibility that
was released April 2018.

This build fixes the compatibility issue that occurs with Xbox Live connectivity disabled titles titles on retail consoles.
This issue did not occur on XDK units.





link to original article:



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