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Alice Madness Returns RGH not showing up DLC's on Menu

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Hi, I been trying to play the DLC's for Alice Madness Returns. I copied them to right location of content for the game, and unlocked them twice via 360MPi and XM360, but they don't show up on the main menu of the game.

The DLC's for this game consist of a couple of extra outfits for Alice, along with some weapons, and an Arcade Version of the original "American McGee's Alice" to play (That needs to be accessed through the main menu of Alice Madness Returns, which I already did a year ago on a PS3 version of the game), but the problem that I seem to find is that the prompt in the menu only prompts me to buy the DLC from LIVE, what led me to believe that the game might need a title update (Also the extra outfits don't appear). I currently have the latest version of the Aurora Dashboard, but when I try to download updates for this game, it says that there are no updates for it.

Has somebody else ran into this problem when trying to play the DLC's for this game?

I would appreciate some advice on this problem, please.

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i figgured it out. you have to get a version thats not tied to the game. go to the internet archive and get the dlc there and put it in content folder 0000000000000000/45410916/00000002/ (the funny numbers for the game id.

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