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Xbox 360 Hello World C++ Help

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Iv been Trying to learn to code for the 360, there isnt much info online about it.
i started https://dev360.fandom.com/wiki/Hello_World thats all well and good compiled fine and runs on my RGloader.
i have edited it down removed what i thort i not need and added + changed stuff. for some reason i cant get it working right 
im sure its very basic stuff for some of the users here, the start button never brings any think up. i did think its a syntax error but i cant seem to fix it atall
here the part thats giving me troubles

VOID __cdecl main()
    bool done =FALSE;
    g_console.Format( "PRESS A TO START\n" );
      ATG::GAMEPAD* pGamepad = ATG::Input::GetMergedInput();// get input from controlers
       if( pGamepad->wPressedButtons  & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_A)
       g_console.Format( "*** WARNING ***\n" );
       g_console.Format("Press Start to continue or B to exit\n");
       ATG::GAMEPAD* pGamepad = ATG::Input::GetMergedInput();
        if( pGamepad->wPressedButtons  & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_START)
           g_console.Create( "game:\\Media\\Fonts\\Arial_16.xpr", 0xff000000, 0xffffffff );
          g_console.Format( "not working\n" );
      if( pGamepad->wPressedButtons  & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_B)
        done = true;


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