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RGLoader issue

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i figured i'd post this as it is a random bug appearantly, and there aint much help else where..


so when i build an image for my phat falcon, everything goes thru, but the xbox refuses to boot with the rgl nand.. i know the programs are fine, because SAME 2 built images for my trinity, and it worked perfect.. 


the only thing i can find about this is due to KDnet messing up and bricking jtags.. but not regular RGH's lol.. 


Xell boots no problem, but no RGL.. haha.. i've used both 16357 and 17150.. neither creates a bootable image..



edit: i CAN provide the nand files for 17489 from my xdk if someone has the knowledge to update rgl.. hahahah

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9 hours ago, Chrishockey55 said:

did ty ever release an updated version 😕

No, lol.. 16202 works fine, but 16537 and 17150 will not boot on my falcon.. they worked on my slim no prob, but not on phats lol... I'll just use my d evkit for my trainer stuff.. But i have to resign game, tu, and dlc.. Which is a hassle.. But d evkit is on 17489

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