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I need help,please Xbox Executable XEX?

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I would like to know how I can build an executable in rgh to create something, things like Aurora and Freestyle are so beautiful and incredible, I would like someone to guide me so I could learn too and contribute like these guys, I do this post because I'm almost giving up :(

What do I need to know how these people do?


-any.xex file

-understand what he does and how he does it

A help would be welcome

caso queira falar comigo sobre isso,meu email: mathuws10@gmail.com


I`m moved your thread to --> Xbox other Topics, because it`s better here in place !


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An xex code compiled for the xbox. To create your own XEX, you have to know how to write code in Visual C++, Know your way around the DirectX 9.0C API(Application Programming Interface), and have a copy of the XDK. It also wouldnt hurt to have  RGLoader on your xbox instead of freeboot, which makes debugging much easier. But since you are asking how to make an XEX, I seriously doubt that you would have the required programming skill needed to actually make something awesome like Aurora, or FSD. I would shoot for a replacment XEX loader, much easier to code, and then go from there.

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Okay, so I need what decoding tool to work out what would be a good tool or the kit needed for this feat?
I'll start studying c ++ So thanks

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