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Need help updating to 3.18 (solved)

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okay so back when i last updated my kernal i also updated dashlaunch, think i did it a day after though, anyways so dash launch has always said 3.07 even tho i had 3.16 installed. so i cant get link working anymore not sure why, been a long time since i played it. so i downloaded 3.18 ran updater and it looked like i was running 3.18.

back to cover flow, still says 3.07 on cover flow so i scan, still the same, so i open it and it says 3.07 still. so i deleted my whole dash launch folder and copied the 3.18 over. everything except link seems to be working, i changed name from updater to dashlaunch but it doesnt seem right. link still not connecting.


i dont think this is working with the way i deleted dash launch and copied new folder, cant get the updater to run anymore, just boot to 3.18 so it seems to be installed, i mean if i press home it takes me back to aurora so dash launch is functional right.

what am i forgetting/missing/messing up?


(update) okay nevermind everything working right again just a little slow. advice on updating for next time would be nice though. maybe my folder name was causing problems or something?

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