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Tip for getting sound with mupen64 and hdmi

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so messing around trying to get live cds to boot (fail ugh) anyways i found out that i can have both my av/composite cable and hdmi hooked up at the same time. obviousy this does no good since the tv can only display hdmi or component... well ive been using component but running audio into my home theater so i get surround sound, well with this setup i now have hdmi-n64 with surround sound. just 1 step better for me.

in summary u need 2 cables; 1 hdmi and 1 component

This only works if u insert the component cable after booting the xbox with hdmi, and then booting into xell, and then plugging in the component cable which should already be connected to audio system........ so its a bit of a pain but possibly worth it if u want hdmi (with sound) vs ygb  ;)

when ur done playing the emulator u have to turn off the xbox anyways right, well now u have to also unplug the component cable or switch tv to component when u turn back on.

if u try to have both cables plugged in outside of xell (aurora! or fsd? or official dash?), the xbox stops displaying, and youll be forced to hard reset. not sure why but it is what it is.


STEP 1   -     boot xbox up as normal with hdmi.

Step 2 - launch xell/mupen64 elf file

Step 3- insert component cable into back of xbox without disconnecting hdmi

step 4 - sound should have started playing from your audio system that the audio cables (component) is connected to

Update: ive been leaving both cords plugged in and usually works, sometimes have to plug the component, havent played enough to figure it out 100%


does anyone know how to get a game to save or even load a save. what format should the saves be? is the default saves folder inside mupen configured? tried following directions save then change name but no save file exists in folder after exiting, tried importing saves, names match, nothing worked for me.

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