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Xbox 360 booting to black screen pls help .

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Urgent help please...

i was busy moving files for my aurora skin from xex menu.after i was done i wanted to go back to my default dash:aurora...

it showed me to a black screen and i cant get into aurora or f3(fsd).i tried restarting the xbox and it just goes back to the black screen.after tapping the xbox button i manage to get into the default dashboard normal standard xbox 360 dash .the hdd hard drive is showing up in storage but nothing further .(no games.no f3.no aurora.no xex menu.no dashlaunch) im stuck with a flat normal xbox..btw xex menu isnt showing up at -My Games .

Its as if the console isnt recognizing the hdd nor its files and content .its worth saying that i recently added aurora to the xbox .i was running on aurora it was set to my default dash on dashlaunch before this happened.1491742165212-1963471883.thumb.jpg.7e4f9071d5d30864317c33aad11b2e14.jpgblack screen after xbox auto1491742165212-1963471883.thumb.jpg.7e4f9071d5d30864317c33aad11b2e14.jpg sign in.

i am entirely open to solutions ..please anyone help.



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