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Help changing TU menu's button colors

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yeah I have had this skin on my xbox for a while and I want to finish it an release it, but I have one last problem before I can.


I need to fix the two top buttons to match the theme but I can't find where.


also does the loading screen match? I'm thinking about making a darker one


couple screens



Obviously it's a snes/genesis era theme

there is a silent one, one that plays the dk underwater music, and one that plays earthworm jim theme. I might make a light version, probably green

edit - does anyone know how to set the timescale of an animation? I converted a raining gif to the wallpaper and it was insanely fast, I am going to try adding more frames but I hope there is an easier way

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None of your images work, can't see what you're talking about. Try using the add image button...


copy/paste the public link from your dropbox and add to the end...


As for the speed of your animation, you probably need to play with the endpoint of each frame to extend it out further. You can see felida doing something similar in this video, it shows setting the end of the transition at about 45 seconds into the vid.

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thanks it was telling me i didn't have permission.

I'll try that too thank you, I was going to add more frames but that's a better idea

Also what sucks is I edited the tu menu button at some point and now I can't find it haha

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