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Jefferson Soares

help me update rgh

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I tried to update mu xbox rgh using autogg, but when i Create appears the following mensagem 11 a first time that generates a dash version is necessary to lower it.Wait for the end of process '' I confirm but get the following msg ''Dash error aborting'' help me please :(

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gavin is spot on with that info page, I personally would recommend using the XeBuild Update server, for me it is the only way to update these days, most consoles can be done in under 2 minutes and requires no file transfers.

thread specific to that update method. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2205-xebuild-freeboot-nand-update-tutorial/

I would also recommend that if you do not have a current nand backup MAKE ONE NOW!!! it can be done using the same server setup,  using this CMD line

xeBuild client -v -i %HOMEPATH%\Desktop

this is my cmd log from a nand dump , only takes 17 seconds LOL

C:\Users\begal\Xe1.14 (17150)>xeBuild client -v -i %HOMEPATH%\Des
     xeBuild v1.14.693
---- { Client Mode } ----
verbose set to level 1
info dump path set to \Users\begal\Desktop
started, watching network for xbox...success, found xbox beacon at
attempting to connect...success!
Getting console info...success!
connected to Jasper with updsvr version 3 (peek version 2)
NAND image size: 0x4200000 Block size: 0x21000 Spare Data: Yes
creating mydata folder output at \Users\begal\Desktop
***** WARNING: reusing folder \Users\begal\Desktop!

------ parsing console info response ------
Console Current Info:
running kernel  : 2.0.17150.0
bootstrap type  : Jasper
hardware type   : Jasper
hardware flags  : 0x30000227
internal HDD    : present
Image Type      : Jasperbb (Glitch)
CPU key         : ***************************************************** (weight:0x35 valid; ecd: vali
DVD key         : *****************************************************
1BL key         : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA (good)
Virtual Fuses   : not present
1BL RSA pub     : good
PIRS RSA pub    : good
MASTER RSA pub  : good
Xell Reason     : console eject button
CF LDV          : 8
Pairing Value   : 0x000000
dumping console flash to \Users\begal\Desktop\nanddump.bin
reading flash image from console...waiting for 0x4200000 bytes
received 0x04200000 of 0x04200000
received 0x4200000 bytes data OK, writing to file \Users\begal\Desktop\nanddump.
Completed in 17s

disconnecting from server...OK
    xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.

press <enter> to quit...

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