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[Guide]: How to build Quick View Filters in Aurora 0.5b and later

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First up, let's talk a little bit of what this is;

Quick View Filters are basically customized filters which offers users that don't understand/want to learn LUA scripting the chance to build a mixed filter based on what you already have, for instance you might want to display only Xbox 360 games with Kinect support but NOT XBLA, previously you had to open up the filters screen and enable Xbox 360 and Kinect filters to do this, another example is that you want to filter Xbox 360 AND XBLA games, how would you do this? previously that didn't work as they filter on the same parameter and thus ends up canceling out each other not showing any game at all...

Ok, let's get started explaining things;

To build a Quick View Filter you open up the Filter screen (Press B when in the main view of Aurora) go down to "Quick View", by default you'll see a bunch of Quick Views already, you can build upon these if you like, or you can build a new one from scratch, i'm going to explain how to build them from scratch:

Step 1. Select the "Add" Button and press A, you'll be presented with a screen that looks like this:


Step 2: You can now choose to give your Quick View a name, and an icon

Step 3: Let's start building! select the Add button and press A, you'll be presented with this window:


This window you'll be using alot while building your filter, the first thing you want to do is obviously add a filter (or perhaps you want it to exclude something?) either way, i recommend adding a filter first, so press RB and you'll see all filters you have installed, select one...

Step 4: Add whatever more parameters you want to be using, below i'll explain how to use the Operators, what they do, when to use them and so on... and give some examples of filters you might want...

Step 5: You can alternatively also choose sorting and the other filtering options, that's completely up to you tho...

Step 6: Save!

Below is a description of the Operators:


AND <--- This operator will check for FilterA and FilterB, meaning the filters on either side of this must return true in order to be shown

OR <--- This operator will check for FilterA or FilterB, meaning either of the filters on either side of this should return true in order to be shown

NOT <--- This operator will reverse the functionality of the filter following it, meaning; if the next filter says that the title should be shown, this will make it hide it instead and vice versa (it also works on groups)

( and ) are used to create groups of filters for the AND/OR/NOT operators, this one is slightly harder for me to explain at this time, but i'll show you some example uses of it below... when using these it's important that you close them, so for every ( you must also have a )
Example filter showing how to show Xbox 360 AND XBLA games:

Xbox 360

Example filter showing how to show Xbox 360 but NOT Kinect games:

Xbox 360

Example filter showing how to show Xbox 360 AND XBLA games with Kinect support:

Xbox 360
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