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LINK / UNITY recent problems with connection

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Good morning swizzy two weeks I have noted that the link is unstable to Brazil before Hostiava the match for 18 people and usually a time I am not supporting or 12 people, acontence leg, crashes and so for me I'm hostiando and other players I wonder if the possibility of us here at Brazil create a dedicated server to Brazil where I create for hostiar to my friends?


I have the connection of 50 MBPS and I'm not getting to play lately


What is needed to do this?


How can I connect more than 18 players from the same country without using the traffic link?


What program can I use to create an application for RGH?





since already appreciate the help !!

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Is hostiando really a good translation?

Please post always all relevant informations about your set up.

Dashboard (version)

Kernel version

Dashlaunch version

Now i did not get anything of this thread but i assume its dealt with link.

For link always provide additional information to above.

Dashlaunch network settings

Router/modem model

Port settings

Plugin settings

Unity test

Maybe this should be as selectable formular for posting threads in the support section.

These informations are relevant in case we find a solution quickly. Providing information should be the standard task.

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Basically, he and his friends in brazil have been having connectivity issues with the server lately is what i gather from it...

And he's asking how to make his own LiNK server... you don't... what you can do is setup a VPN which ppl join, then you just use the normal System Link (disable LiNK) that is essentially what LiNK does anyways, except LiNK does it in a custom way directly on the xbox, and only does it for System Link traffic nothing else...

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Could you pass me a tutorial on how to do this?


Not really no, you'll have to read up on VPN, how that works... then set that up... once you've done that, you just unload the Freestyle plugin on the console and you should be good to go...

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