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Mupen64 - LibXenon N64 Emulator now in open beta

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* Mupen64-360 v0.992 Beta *





Mupen64-360 is a Nintendo64 emulator for the Xbox 360, it's powered by libxenon and it's a port of Wii64 (which itself was a port of Mupen64).



Unzip on USB sick, then run from Xell.

Many ROM formats are supported, zipped ROMs also work.

In the browser, the Back button changes the current drive, A selects, B goes to parent dir.

Ingame, Back toggles Framerate limiting, and the Guide button quits to the browser.

Other controls are described in the emulator itself.

The browser background image is loaded from /mupen64-360/bg.png on the USB stick, other backgrounds are provided.



- Controls (l->r):

Changes the way N64 directional controls are mapped to the 360 gamepad, from left to right.

EG: Stick / D-Pad / C-buttons means N64 stick will be mapped on the 360 left stick, N64 D-pad on 360 D-pad, and N64 C-buttons on 360 right D-pad.

- Textures:

Changes the texture enhancement filter, depending on games, some filters will look better than others.

Be aware than the highest settings can slowdown games a lot, or even crash them in some rare cases.

- CPU core:

Controls the speed/compatibility ratio, from fully featured dynarec to interpreter mode.

'No linking' and 'No VM' are new dynarec modes that can make some games work, while still running at playable speed.

- Framerate limiting:

When enabled, games won't go faster than they would on a real N64. Can be toggled ingame with the Back button.



v0.992 Beta: Almost a complete rewrite, notable changes:

- Moved to Mupen64 Plus core.

- Moved to Rice video plugin.

- Dynarec overhaul.

- Faster and way more compatible.

- More control over the speed/compatibility ratio (see 'CPU core' option)

- More texture enhancement filters.

- Basic controls remapping.

- GUI improvements.

- Built with recent libxenon/ZLX (more supported filesystems, less bugs, ...)

- /!\ Use the Guide button to quit a game, Back toggles framerate limiting now.

v0.96 Beta: First binary release



Wii64 / Mupen64 teams (guess why :)

GliGli (Xbox 360 port)

Ced2911 (GUI library)

Razkar (Backgrounds)

Everyone that contributed to libxenon...

Source: http://www.homebrew-connection.org/mupen64-360-v0-992-beta-by-gligli-now-in-open-beta/


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sweet they changed the exit button, it sucked when it was the back button, thanks for the share.

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nice... I have an issue. I try to load up the rom zipped and shows a bar across my screen to load it up then goes into a black screen. Same thing if i un-zip it and try it that way. Not sure if i need to change the settings or bad roms? i got roms from three different places and same thing.

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Have been looking for an N64 emulator for the 360 for years, will try this out....hopefully Mario Kart works :) Thanks

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Hi I cant load this using my hdmi connection, i can only load it from composite/scart, whats the point in having hdmi support in xell reloaded when it cant be used, i just get black screen and i cant view mupen64 :(

Hope someone has advice on whats wrong.

I have a jasper 512 BB JTAG.


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