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  1. Looks promising good job guys keep up the good work! Cant wait to try it out.
  2. Well lets just see what it can push, big things push big things right.
  3. Personally im used to TX products thats all I ever buy but its nice to see other products doing a good job also. Nice review.
  4. Nintendo was stupid to cater to soccor moms and little kids with the wii and now their customer base is solely that. With all the true gamers awaiting PS4 and the New Xbox coming in November what hardcore gamer wants to buy a console that was catered to soccor moms and little kids. I bought the wii when it first came out and gave it to my son and bought me a 360. Personally now even with this upcoming wiiU hack I still think I'm gonna wait till November and save my dollars till then. If nobody was blown away by the wiiU now just wait and see what November brings.
  5. TX always keeps ppl on there toes with the new releases.......can't wait to see what the hack is!
  6. @frayed nice job cant wait to see that on the dash!
  7. Do you need pc files for this to work?
  8. jayfig

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  9. Awesome with this update my RGH console can finally play online. The initial release didnt work for me but it now works! Great work guys!
  10. I got tcp pass but udp fail wtf! must be a glitch forwarded ports in router
  11. LOL man I think I just might have to buy one now
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