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Your Hombrew Game Collection Whats Your library looking like

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Hello Everyone its Fezzy just out of curiosty just wondering how your homebrew game library's looking like this is just not for ps3 but for everything in total only hombrew though my collection consist of


PS3 Rogero Cobra 4.46 CFW


I have 4 / 2 Tb external hard drvies running the complete collection of PSX and around 300 PS2 Isos and 620 ps3 games in total and out of all this there is no doubles


I also have retro arch with complete collection of final burn alpha roms,Nintendo entertainment system roms complete set....Super Nintendo Roms Complete Set...Sega Mega Drive Complete Set...Sega Master System Complete Set ...Gameboy Advance/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Complete Set and bits of other roms


 The ones I listed run with 100% compatibility with the latest retro arch...ive also got my favourite PSP games on external hard drive


Xbox 360 with Freestyle Dash 3 with a jtagg chip with latest 16747 dashboard


I have 2/2TB external hard drives with about 50 skins retro arch with the same collection listed on the ps3, 340 Xbox 360 games...entire collection of Xbox classics and 520 Xbox Live Arcade Games


Nintendo Wii Modded


I have a modded Wii it has a 4TB NTFS external hard drive with almost the entire collection on Wii Games around 9000 games I think it is running on the latest Configurable USB homebrew application.....im soon getting the entire GameCube collection but don't have it just yet


Nintendo 64 Modded with EverDrive 64 Cart


Latest Everdrive 64 Cart running a 8 Gb Memory Card with the entire collection of Nintendo 64 games...with 100% compatibility


PlayStation 2 Modded with Modbo Chip

My PS2 is Modded and it plays all region and burnt PSOne games and all region and burnt PS2 Games


Nintendo 3DS Modded with SuperDSTwo Card with 64 Gb Card


I have a 3DS with almost the entire collection of the orginal  Nintendo DS Games.I would of had the collection the only thing is it doesn't fit on a 64GB card im going to upgrade to those new 128 GB Cards soon It should fit the collection,its also running a super Nintendo emulator with collection of SNES, a SEGA Mega drive emulator with the collection....and a Gameboy Advance/Colour/ And the original Game boy collection roms...all with 100% compatibility


PlayStation Portable or PSP with 6.60 CFW


I have the new fan translated Final Fantasy Type-0 Game with 2/64Gb MicroSds running on a 2 slot Memory Card Duo Adapter bought from eBay...I have heaps of PlayStation One Games and Playsation Portable Games on a total of 128Gb of space which is maxed out


Impressive collection Aye...took me years of downloading lmao...


please state your collection  and what your homebrew is looking like m curious too know ill be surprised if anyone suppresses my collection let me know and others what you have....take care until then!! 

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