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Lost Dolby Digital?

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So I have my console connected to a Surround Receiver via HDMI. When I used to start up F2, it would switch to Dolby Digital automatically. Now with F3, it seems that it doesn't. My receiver stays in Stereo mode until I boot into the official dash (Holding RB during boot) and going into the console settings/audio tab and manually switching it up to Stereo and then back to Dolby. I only noticed it the other day when I realized I was playing a game in just plain stereo instead of Surround Sound. It might be because of the fakeanim plugin for Dashlaunch or the skin I'm using, not really sure. Has anybody else experienced this issue or know of a fix besides the one I mentioned? It's not a BIG issue since I can work around it, and F3 is still really new; it's just annoying.

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