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FreeStyle Dashboard 2.2.692 Final

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**** FSD2.2 Final - Released December 11th, 2011 ****
**** Thanks go out to our dedicated beta testers and the community!
**** Quick Change Info: Skin functions should be faster. Scanning should be faster.
**** Quick Change Info: Updating Skin faults, Basically everything should be faster :D.
**** Enjoy!

(Added) ConsoleFont override. Place arial.ttf in your /Media/Fonts/ folder to override the ConsoleFont on console. This is used to get more character support
(Added) Support for Xbox 1 Icons 0x6 and 0x7 (thanks lprot)
(Fixed) Issue where missing title in xex/spa would result in missing icon
(Fixed) Xbox 1 Crash When Extracting Unknown Image Type
(Fixed) Focus bug in the customize tab UI
(Fixed) Cut off Text in System Settings
(Fixed) Cut off Game Description in FSD Flow List
(Changed) Many of the popup messages
(Fixed) File Opening Problems in SPA
(Renamed) chance of storm so it would properly load
(Fixed) ConnectX not scanning.
(Fixed) Missing icons not showing
(Changed) HTTP "BOARD" to "CASE" to match Status Bar
(Added) Meta Tag to /getdb and /gettable
(Removed) "The Weather Channel" Logo from Settings, using Google API now
(Renamed) "Shutdown FSD" to "Shutdown Xbox" for clarity in HTTP UI
(Fixed) HTML Document for Paths
(Updated) REmoved unneeded file exists checks.
(Updated) Core Optimizations
(Fixed) Access Denied Bug when Reading XEX or XBE from DVD Drive
(Fixed) Crash on DVD Tab when Xbox1 Game Executable Failed to Open
(Fixed) FSD dual pane crashing when actioning ..
(Added) SMCConfig Class to FSD (thanks cOz)
(Updated) ExConfig structs
(Updated) Converted FOpen to CreateFile
(Replaced) FileExists with FileExistsA
(Updated) FileExists to be faster
(Added) Pause and Resume to Content Manager for Title Update Scans
(Fixed) Spacing on Version Number
(Added) a Sort Algorithm to Title Update List ( Descending Version )
(Changed) Updater Scene default focus when list is empty.
(Added) HTTP Pause and Resume to Content Scanner
(Updated) File Routines to use CreateFile instead of Fopen
(Fixed) HTTP Game Launching Bug ( using incorrectly converted content id )
(Added) Launch Command To Game List in HTTP Server
(Optimized) Xbox1 Thumbnail Untiling
(Fixed) About Clipping
(Fixed) Xbox1 Icons displaying too large in HTTP Server
(Fixed) Incorrectly reported XBE Media Id (doesn't exist)
(Updated) SQL to use more cache
(Updated) Skin to be stored in memory.
(Fixed) Xbox1 Uncompressed Icons From Displaying Incorrectly (Thanks to lprot)
(Updated) Wind in weather now matchs Temp for units.
(Readded) Code for Same Disc Swap
(Fixed) Weather for spaces in State Name
(Fixed) More weather special characters
(Fix) 7z update process.
(Fixed) Issue where Avatar Arms and Fingers wouldn't move (makes props look funny)
(Added) Avatar Transition Effect when Signing In and Switching Profiles
(Fixed) Missing Avatar At Boot
(Added) Support for XN_SYS_AVATARCHANGED - (effective during profile creation while running FSD)
(Added) Support for XN_SYS_PROFILESETTINGSCHANGE - (effective when profile gamertag or gamerpic change while running FSD)
(Fixed) Crash when Randomizing Wallpapers
(Fixed) Focus Loss in General Settings
(Fixed) DVD Remounting after booting with no disc in drive


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Thanks dude  :thumbup:

This thread is ancient, why did you suddenly decide to revive it out of the blue?

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