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Aurora very slow to boot - how can I fix this please?

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I have a JTAG and recently Aurora has started to take a very long time to boot, and I'm not sure why. Whilst I do have a large amount of gamesĀ (750GB internal, 2TB external), Freestyle boots instantly, as Aurora used to, but not now and I can't figure out why. The fact that Freestyle boots instantly with the same amount of games scanned in appears to confirm the amount of games, and hard drives are not the culprit. I also tried removing the external drive, but got the same result. Any idea of the cause of this slowdown please and how I can fix it?

I've read the FAQ sticky and can confirm that I haveĀ xhttp set to true in the launch.ini, and that I have no plugins active within Dashlaunch.

Aurora Settings 1.jpg

Aurora Settings 2.jpg

Aurora Settings 3.jpg

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