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how to burn xgd3 games tutorial with pictures

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How to burn your XGD3 backups

• XGD3 backups must be made with latest version of XBC and 0800 v3.0

First ensure you run the latest ImgBurn ( was the time of writing)

Now go to Tools --> Settings

Posted Image

Go to Write tab and ensure Layer Break is set to Calculate Optimal

Posted Image

So on the startup screen again, press Write image file to disc

Posted Image

Choose your .dvd file in source and press Write

Posted Image

You’ll get a message saying there isn’t enough space, don’t mind that and say Yes

Posted Image

Also you’ll get another message that Layer Break exceeds L0 capacity. Say Yes

Posted Image

Now you’ll get an error, ignore that and just press Continue and let the writing process start.

Posted Image

After some time you’ll see that the layer changed at 2,086,912. That’s normal

Posted Image

At 97% you’ll get an error, ignore it as well by pressing Cancel

Posted Image

After the error you immediately get a message to close the disc, says Yes to that, let it finalize the disc.

Posted Image

This is the log after the burning is completed.

Posted Image

That’s it! You finished burning, now you can store somewhere safe your original game

this was sent to me via an anon email, so thanks are to whomever sent it.

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