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AutoGG 0.9.2

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- New Autogg File Server thanks to Logic-Sunrise
- New internal flasher software ( Nandpro alternative for all flashers and consoles but Corona 4g - beta)
- New way to Auto remap Bad Block in Xell Zone
- New USB-Dumper mode using Dash.
- New AutoUpdate using new USB Dumper Dash method . (to avoid some USB devices problems in Xell> Red Screen)
- Option to Format (FAT32format) Usb Device when using USB Dumper Xell (to avoid some USB devices problems in Xell> Red Screen)
- Corona 4G Files Extraction improved. (searching Fcrt.bin in FS)
- Improved: IP Search Mode.
- Improved: retrieve Cpukey from FSD (compatible with FSD 735)
- Edited 16203/inis to add launch.ini
- Option to update manually Xebuild or Dashlaunch and Add new Dashs. ( usefull for future Updates without waiting new Autogg rls.) 
- In Game Screen Captures
- Xell blaKCat 1.036
- More .Svf Added
- New dialogues.
- New postout debug beta
- Tutorials Updated


- Own NandXell RIP using RGH2. No more DGX Mode.
- You can now extract Corona4G Files Fcrt.bin and C-R.bin included.
0.9 rev 32 beta
- New NandXell = RIP .To Get Cpukey on any updated consoles (=>15xxx) without DGX or any other extra Hard. Using regular RGH/RGH2 glitch chips like squirt, matrix,stinger ,cr ...
- Key.bin & C-R.bin beta extractor for LTU firmware.
- Alternative mode to search console IP. Right click on button Ip-Search
- Reset parental code in Log.
- Autogg Variables Reset button. (Flasher issues)
- Improved Code
Update rev 34
- RIP Corona 4g Ecc Added
- Some extra dialogs.
 * Anonymous DGX RIP Eccs Team
 * Dark-G from consoleopen.com (Fcrt-CR)
 * Beta Testers breily, MbTecnic, Mac1512, Casca, EOL ,....
- New Dash 16203
- New Xebuild 1.07
- New DashLaunch 3.07
- Option de Erase Corona 4g Nand
- Code Improved.
- New Lan-FSD Read/Flash Nand and CpuKey retrieve Mode
- New Dash Lan AutoUpdate Function using new method.
- New Lan Avatars AutoUpdate.
- Selection alternatives Xells when build images (Xebuild & NandXell-Ecc).
  A- Reloaded
  B- blaKCat (Modded Reloaded to get Cpukey by Tv,Red,Usb,Lan,Com Monitor)
  C- Mini (Modded Reloaded by blaKcat with minimum code to get Cpukey to USB)
- Timer and Sound Alert on Com Monitor when Cpukey is detected.
- New way to create Dgx Nandxell (Ecc).
- New manual way to download Dash/Avatars
- Optimized GUI. Secondary commands on Menu.
- Code Improved.
- Dash Launch 3.06
- Option to manually Flash Ecc Dgx ( Menu > File > Flash Xell DGX)
- Freestyle v3 rev 483
- DGX Support (Thanks to TX)
- Code Improved
- Dash 16202
- Xebuild 1.06
- Dashlaunch 3.05
- Update  Xbox Apps Option
- Code Improved


- New DashLaunch 3.04 by c0z
- New Field to show Loaded Nand Type (Retail,Rgh,Jtag)
- Now you can create Xebuild Nand from FullNand with NandXell inyected in first Mega.
- You can remove bootanim fomr Flash whn installing Fakeanim (Fixed)
- 360 Simple Flasher 1.2 by Swizzy Updated
- Code improved.


AutogGG helps you to:

- Read the Nand of the Xbox. Autodetect the model.
- Generate Nand to load Xell in console to obtain Cpukey.
- Once you have CpuKey.Generate Jtag / rgh (Glitch) / Retail, images
- Flash generated Nand through Flasher (LPT/USB) or software (Xell or Dash)

But AutoGG also allows many more options (Addons)

- Change temperature sensors on the console.
- Change data in the console: Serial, Reader Type (Osig), Region and dvdkey.
- Map / unmap Bad Blocks.
- Inject / Extract specific data from the console. to repair corrupt nands
- Create NandXell and Xebuild Images without Dump.
- Decrypt X-Val to check marks on console by Microsoft.
- UnCripple to try to clear the console marks,
- Make only a partial reading of only 1Mb of Nand then read the rest through Xell and finally merge to get the full Nand much faster (Recommended for slow nands readers LPT)
- Nand File Explorer
- Console Nand Marks (Secdata)
- AutoUpdate Function
- DashFiles Auto Download
- Avatars Update Files Download
- Flash Glitch Chip (CPLD) USB&LPT
- Nandpro Manual Commands window.
- Nands Compare.
- USB&FTP Xbox-Apps transfer (Freestyle, Homebrew, Emulators)
- Launch main Pc-Apps
- Available Online Data Server to store/retrieve your Cpukeys. Usefull to repair consoles with any valid Data.
- Images Viewer with many manufacturers chips , flasher ...
- And more ...


 A los Betatesters especialmente a breily, MBTecnic, Spainsellers, Console Open,
Logic Sunrise, Casca ,Mac1512 ,segiolc, Rogero y foro EOL.
 Devs:GLIGLI, Tiros, Fsd Team, Xebuild team, cOz, Squirt Team, Swizzy, Juvenal (XFlash)
 Dennn : Ruso
 wiiallgarant , Artik , Razkar: Frances
 Federause, Marco(ConsoleOpen), Squirt Team: Italiano
 Kalel(darth Vader, cursos games,Niceshoot):Português
 Creadores Xbox Apps linkadas
 Traducción FSD por bocasecaman
 Logic-Sunrise :servidor Web Autogg
Everyone involved..

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Thank you Blakcat!  Quick question, what is Xell Blackat and how is it different from Xell reloaded?

Its Reloaded Mod that  save cpukey to nand and Usb and few more addons

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