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SOLVED = Defect was that Case temperature shown in Freestyle was 200°C

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Defect Report :thumbsd:
Xbox 360 model / Corona v2
You turn on the Xbox and the Xbox cooler instantly goes to 100% After starting Dash,
after a few seconds the cooler speed returns to normal,
but the temperature shown in CASE/MOBO is above 200°C 🌡️
- It is not a defect in the thermal paste
- It's not ksb defect
- No GPU defect

After a search I didn't find any information so I started looking for a way out of the problem. 😥

Solution to the problem :thumbsu:
After an analysis on the board we found these 0r resistors that make the communication, 
after a long time of use they lose their contacts thus losing communication
and presenting  the Case / Mobo defect shows a temperature above 200ºC🌡️


you must use a good flux and weld the 04 resistors again
If any of them are open or varied and you don't have a resistor to replace you can simply make a jumper
and check the contact between the points

After doing this, as you can see in the image below,
the Case/Mobo temperature will be shown again normally without claiming overheating
 . 👍
I hope that somehow this publication of mine has helped you to solve this problem in a simple way. 👍

Everything you need is above, but if for some reason you want to see my video solving the problem the link is here

Thanks for the encouragement
- Josh Davison
- Leandro Br47
- StelioKontos 
- Mattie 
- FabricioMG

they are amazing people that encourage me to do amazing things , thank you )



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