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Hello everyone Recently, I saw reports from people who claim to receive errors like (F3 CRASH) when using the signal coming from Xbox Unity to download game covers and receive the Link-Up signal


I started to verify that only people received this error when trying to subscribe or feature coming from Unity


Go to DashLaunch and leave these options enabled (same as in the image above)

livestrong = true
liveblook = true 
xhttp = true 


This solves your problem and you can download things again using the Unity signal without receiving F3 CRASH errors on your screen



jogos 02.png

I hope I helped, because I noticed that many people are looking for a way out to solve this problem, good fun for everyone


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8 minutes ago, sonnyy said:



I got the file but something is wrong as it doesn't work in my tests
I just recorded a video to show that even using the plugin the error doesn’t disappear
Only if together with the plugin you should use a dashlaunch configuration that was not said

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I added the plugin and it's caused a bootloop on my 360 unless I have usb attached with a blank ini or bypass plugins but when I bypass the plugins dashlaunch won't load

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