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Found 8 results

  1. Hello i have just finished my first RGH Xbox slim How do i register or making account to sign in unity on Aurora 0.7b r1622 ?
  2. First off, sorry if this doesn't belong here. Back in 2015 I bought a modded 360 because of a crazy cheap price. Played some of the burned games the seller included for a couple months, then left the console to collect dust until a couple weeks ago when I got my non-gamer gf into Minecraft (which was on the HDD). She loved the gameplay but wanted something with more content, so I figured Terraria was the way to go. So, I bumbled through getting the full game onto a USB drive (with a $systemupdate and $titleupdate folder) and copied it to the HDD, but I can only play the tutorial. I figured I'd consult you fine folks to get it fully working. I started phone phreaking in the 80s, progressed to PC hacking in the 90s, and mobile devices naturally came next in the 00s. I'm a total newb when it comes to console hacking though and I don't even know what I have going on in my 360. Yes, I could read tutorials and start from scratch... but I'm interested in getting Terraria (specifically) up and running ASAP and then building a more comprehensive understanding of console modding afterward. Hopefully some of you are willing to give some step-by-step instructions. Bonus points if they contain noob-friendly explanations that provide an initial foundation of knowledge I can build from as I go forth learning console modding. From some cursory Googling I understand that I may need an Xbox Live workaround but don't know if I already have one and it's something else or what. Thanks in advance for your patience and insights; after browsing this forum you lot seem friendlier than most tech forums regarding noobs and I feel this to be a great environment and opportunity to learn
  3. I hope my new thread doesn't violate any rules... I'm Just wanting the most up to date methods for being able to add DLC for Forza4 on my 360 because it is not available the Xbox site anymore. I did find a couple tutorials that relate to what i'm looking for.... BUT! Most of it is dated to 2013-2015 and also had mentions of other things that i might need to do to my 360 in order to be able to get it to work right? So im basically asking for a step 1, step 2....etc... kind of instruction to head me in the right direction. My 360 is not modded in anyway, and the only apps i have on the Hdd is Netflix and the rest are just games i bought before my Xbox credits expired. eventually i will want to know more about getting full games, but for now i would love to get all the DLCs for Forza 4. Thank you in advance
  4. Hello, I attempted to RGH my Corona V1 using the Ace V3 about a week ago. After numerous stumps in my plan, I ended up pulling the CPU_RST pad, R4P4 in this case, seen below. I've been reading on Team-X's forums, and on here, and have found out the that I can repair this RLOD by performing a fix with the alternate point, FT3T10 I've been struggling to understand how i preform this fix. I noticed Swizzy made a post trying to help someone else out with this issue, after reading it multiple times, I am still unable to understand it. From what I understand, i soldering some wire from this new CPU_RST point, to somewhere else on the motherboard? So, could someone please explain where the ending of this wire would go, and how I would continue my RGH hack. Thanks , James
  5. Gonna pick your brains this morning.....Bought a bigger HDD for playing games on my JTAG (Seagate 2TB), formatted 1.4 tb to fat32 and the other .6 tb to ntfs. Transferred the files (not the isos) over from my other external (Nexstar 500 GB) and the games don't work/half don't even show up in freestyle on the new 2tb hdd, but plug in the 500 gb and they work no problem. Compatibility issue I'm guessing but not sure as the console doesn't have any problems detecting the new HDD, just will not allow games to be played. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Hi guys, sorry about my english, but i do not speak english. I have xbox 360 with Reset Glitch, i came here to question your guys if in the internet some one make any version of UMVC 3 with link support or anything like link. Or better, anyone make a "Xbox LIve JackSparrow". Thanks.
  7. Hi, i downloaded the following game :The_Walking_Dead_NTSC_REGION_LOCK_XBOX360-ZRY and when i start the game i only have the option to unlock episode 1 which does not work. Any clues?
  8. Hi! Can you please help me and tell me some things about Freestyle 3.0: 1. How/where do you save Homebrew, Emulators, Skins, Games, XboX Classics, XBLA and GoD files? 2. Which external hard drive is best in the range 0-70$ ( For XboX, that works )? 3. Can you FTP files and play over LiNK over wireless?
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