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  1. Sorry I forgot to update this thread. . Following help from Se7ensins, I fixed it by doing a trace repair. It's successfully RGH'd now using FT3T10 as CPU_RST and working a-ok!
  2. Hello, I attempted to RGH my Corona V1 using the Ace V3 about a week ago. After numerous stumps in my plan, I ended up pulling the CPU_RST pad, R4P4 in this case, seen below. I've been reading on Team-X's forums, and on here, and have found out the that I can repair this RLOD by performing a fix with the alternate point, FT3T10 I've been struggling to understand how i preform this fix. I noticed Swizzy made a post trying to help someone else out with this issue, after reading it multiple times, I am still unable to understand it. From what I understand, i soldering some wire from this new CPU_RST point, to somewhere else on the motherboard? So, could someone please explain where the ending of this wire would go, and how I would continue my RGH hack. Thanks , James
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