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  1. i have TUs problem . sometime i cant switch my profile . why went wrong ? please tell me . how i can downgrade please
  2. what about the TUs fix . please help . thanks . how to get back to fsd v735 . it was more stable . this one is just ..
  3. can i downgrade it to v735 . thank you . i cant download any TUs . i will be grateful
  4. same problem . cant see any updates , cant download just empty screen . stuck at that screen no button works except xbox guide button
  5. thanks for your hard work but i got a problem after i install this updates . i cant update my games . i install a HALO 4 yesterday but i cant download any TUS for it . after i choose download TUs it just stuck . before i had v735 . it was okay . please help . will be grateful . thank you
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