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  1. Hey gavin_darkglider. Do you think you could try to get the FSD code and maybe the permission to release it? Aurora is great but FSD was also very special as well. If the code could be made available it would be great to see what it would become. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for taking the time and explaining it. I hope 0.7b is awesome!! Thanks again!!
  3. I'll keep a look out for Aurora 0.7b. It would be dam nice to get the code for FSD thou as who knows what independent devs could do for us with it!!! Thanks.
  4. Did anyone ever figure out how to get FSD to work with like 700 plus titles?? I love the eye candy man it's freaking nice. FSD just crashes to much when there are too many games installed but Aurora handles them just fine. Still, if someone does know of a fix for FSD please let us know. Thanks.
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