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  1. I guess you're right. I do know a fair amount of C++ though. What I'm having trouble with is Visual Studio. I usually use Code::Blocks, so linking things with MSVS is different. But yeah, I guess I'll stick with FSD 2 and the SDK samples. From my understanding, a dashboard is simply XUIs... Sad to see there's not much information about xbox programming on the internet, and that people that know a lot of it won't/can't share what they know. Also, this lua scripting addition you made to the dash is really interesting! Gave me an idea on what I could do to start doing something more fun than just looking through samples.
  2. Is there any chance that you can release the source code of this? I really wish to learn how to make a dashboard. I tried compiling the FSD version that was publicly released, but no success. And since I'm not the one that made it, I don't know how to fix the errors. Anyways, this dashboard seems very promising!
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